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PAGE 008:


W (cont.)
Will God forever cast us off 127
When Israel sinn'd, the Lord, &c.           134
While life prolongs its, &c.           146
With rev'rence let thy saints, &c.           150
Who will arise and plead, &c.           160
When Pharaoh dar'd to vex, &c.           181
When God, provok'd with, &c.           187
When Israel freed from, &c.           195
What shall I render to my God           197
With my whole heart I've, &c.           210
When pain and anguish seize, &c.           213
When God restor'd our, &c.           222
When God reveal'd his, &c.           223
Where shall we go to seek, &c.           227
With all my pow'rs of heart, &c.           238
When I with pleasing wonder, &c.           240
With songs and honours, &c.           253
Ye sons of pride that hate, &c.           89
Yet (saith the Lord) if, &c.           152
Ye sons of men, a feeble race           157
Ye servants of th' Almighty, &c.           194
Ye that obey th' immortal King           230
Ye tribes of Adam, join           254


ADAM in Paradise was, &c.           266
All hail, thou great Immanuel           275
Almighty God we praise and own           282
Almighty Father, gracious Lord           289
And did the holy and the just           307
And must this body die           309
Amazing grace! how sweet, &c.           326
Attend, ye children of your God           334
A good high-priest is come           341
Am I a soldier of the cross           367
Among the princes, earthly gods           374
Ascend thy throne, almighty King           375
As when the weary trav'ller gains           385
Amen! my Father hears, &c.           385
At thy command, our, &c.           385
Awake, awake the sacred song           342
Alas! how chang'd that, &c.           440
Awake, and sing the song           454


Behold the woman's promis'd seed           275
Begone unbelief           279
Beneath a num'rous train of ills           285
Bright king of glory dreadful God           293
Behold what wondrous grace           300
Behold the sin-atoning Lamb           307
Behold! the potter moulds, &c.           321
Blest be the tie that binds           322
Blest Jesus, source of ev'ry grace           324
By faith in Christ we're justified           331
Behold what condescending love           338
Blow ye the trumpet, blow           347
Bright as the sun's meridian blaze           375
Blest be the eternal Infinite           410
Blest is the man whose, &c.           436
Behold! the grace appears           452
Behold the saints, belov'd of God           455


Come, ye that love the, &c.           300
Come, Holy Spirit, heav'nly, &c.           320
Can creatures, to perfection, find           354
Come, dearest Lord, and feed, &c.           359
Clamour and wrath, and war, &c.           362
Come shout aloud the, &c.           373
Come in, ye blessed of the Lord           390
Christ, the Lord, is ris'n to-day           412


Dear Saviour, we are thine           263
Destruction's dang'rous road           277
Dearest of all the names above           301
Day of judgment, day of wonders           316
Dear Lord, and shall thy, &c.           319
Dare we indulge our wrath, &c.           362
Descend from heav'n, &c.           372
Death, with his dread, &c.           427
Death! 'tis a melancholy day           437
Death cannot make our souls, &c.           438
Death may dissolve my body now           442


Eternal King! the greatest, best           270
Enslav'd by sin, and bound, &c.           272
Ere the blue heav'ns were, &c.           274
Eternal Spirit! we confess           318
Eternal sov'reign of the sky           361
Eternal God! Almighty cause           354

PAGE 009:


E (cont.)
Eternal pow'r! whose high abode           374
Eternal King, enthron'd above           388
Eternity! stupendous theme           404
Eternity life! how sweet the, &c.           405
Eternity source of ev'ry joy           409


Faith! - 'tis a precious grace           277
Forgiveness! - 'tis a joyful sound           323
Father of mercies, in thy word           344
Father of faithful Abra'm, hear           376
Frequent the day of God returns           418
Father of mercies send thy grace           435


God, in the gospel of his Son           276
God moves in a mysterious way           286
God with us! O glorious name           301
Go preach my gospel, saith the Lord           344
Great source of order, &c.           360
Great God, thy holy law, &c.           365
Grace has enabled me to love           368
God of our lives, thy constant care           410
Great God, we sing that, &c.           411
Great God, to thee my, &c.           416
Great Father of mankind           420
Great God, the nations of, &c.           423
Great Ruler of the earth, &c.           426


How sweet the name of Jesus, &c.           292
Hark the glad sound! the, &c.           303
Hear what the voice from, &c.           308
How long shall death, the, &c.           325
How happy are the souls above           327
How sweet and awful is the place           342
How can I sink with such a prop           343
How vast the benefits divine           349
Holy and rev'rend is the name           356
How sweet, how heav'nly is, &c.           363
Hark! the voice of love, &c.           391
How condescending and how kind           392
How rich are thy provisions, Lord           396
Here at thy table, Lord, we meet           398
Hosanna, with a cheerful sound           416
How beauteous are their feet           419
Hark! from the tombs a, &c.           443
Hear what the voice from, &c.           444


Infinite grace: and can it be           271
It shall be well, let sinners know           290
I'm not asham'd to own my Lord           291
In Christ I've all my soul's, &c.           296
Immortal God, on thee we call           306
I know that my Redeemer lives           311
It is the Lord - enthron'd in light           378
In sweet exalted strains           421
I prayed the Lord, that I, &c.           446
In God the Father I believe           448


Jesus, my love, my chief delight           293
Jesus, the spring of joy divine           293
Join all the glorious names           295
Jesus, we bless thy Father's name           299
Jesus the Lord our souls adore           314
Jesus, we sing thy matchless grace           315
Join, all who love the, &c.           330
Jesus invites his saints           340
Jesus, in thee our eyes behold           341
Jesus is gone above the skies           392
Jesus, once for sinners slain           396
Jesus, my Lord, how rich, &c.           433
Jesus, our soul's delightful choice           446


Let thoughtless thousands, &c.           262
Lord, how secure my, &c.           265
Long ere the sun began his days           281
Let them neglect thy glory, Lord           282
Lord, when our raptur'd, &c.           283
Let others boast how strong, &c.           284
Lo! he cometh! countless, &c.           317
Let party-names no more           323
Lord, at thy feet I prostrate fall           324
Lord, thy imputed righteousness           328
Lord, we adore thy, &c.           351
Let me but hear my Saviour say           352
Let those who bear the, &c.           357
Look up, ye saints, with, &c.           376
Lord, at thy feet we sinners lie           380
Let me, my Saviour and my God           383
Let us adore th' eternal word           393
Lord, I am thine, entirely thine           394
Lord, at thy table I behold           401
Lo! on a narrow neck of land           406
Look down, O God, with, &c.           424
Lord, I am pain'd; but I resign           430
Lord, in thy temple we appear           453
Lo! he comes with clouds, &c.           456


Mistaken souls! that dream, &c.           278
My Saviour God, my, &c.           333
Most Holy God, thy precept's just           364
Most gracious Father, God of all           379
My God, thy service well, &c.           431


No strength of nature can suffice           262
Now back with humble, &c.           266
Not all the nobles of the earth           297
Now to the Lord that made, &c.           315
No more, my God, I boast, &c.           331
Not the malicious or profane           350
Now from the altar of our hearts           417
Now let our hearts conspire, &c.           436
Now, be the God of Israel blest           452


Our nature's totally deprav'd           268
O Christ, thou glorious King, &c.           298
O Lord, when faith with, &c.           305
Our Lord is risen from the dead           312


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