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HYMN 5. Third Part. C.M.
Salvation. (cont.)

  4 And unbelief almost perverts
   The promise into fears.
  5 My Saviour God, no voice, but thine,
   These dying hopes can raise;
Speak thy salvation to my soul,
   And turn my pray'r to praise.

HYMN 6. First Part. L.M.
Jesus is God and man.

  1 ERE the blue heav'ns were stretch'd abroad,
From everlasting was the Word:
With God he was; the Word was God,
And must divinely be ador'd.
  2 By his own pow'r all things were made;
By him supported all things stand;
He is the whole creation's head,
And angels fly at his command.
  3 Ere sin was born, or Satan fell,
He led the host of morning stars:
His generation who can tell,
Or count the number of his years!
  4 But lo! he leaves those heav'nly forms:
The word descends and dwells in clay,
That he may converse hold with worms,
Drest in such feeble flesh as they.
  5 Mortals with joy beheld his face,
Th' eternal Father's only Son:
How full of truth, how full of grace,
When thro' his flesh the Godhead shone!
  6 The angels leave their high abode,
To learn new mysteries here, and tell
The love of our descending God,
The glories of Immanuel.

PAGE 275:

HYMN 6. Second Part. L.M.

  1 ALL hail, thou great Immanuel!
Thy love, thy glory, who can tell?
Angel's, and all the heav'nly host,
Are in the boundless prospect lost.
  2 Mortals, with reverential songs,
Take this dear name upon your tongues;
With holy fear, attempt his praise,
In solemn, yet triumphant, lays.
  3 Among a thousand forms of love,
In which he shines and smiles above;
This with peculiar joy we view,
He's David's root and offspring too.
  4 There Jesus, in the glorious plan,
Shines, the great God, the wondrous man!
As God, the root of all our bliss,
As man, the branch of righteousness.
  5 All hail, thou dear redeeming Lord!
All hail, thou co-essential Word!
All hail, thou Root and Branch divine!
All hail, and be the glory thine!

HYMN 6. Third Part. L.M.
Types and proprecies fulfilled in Christ.

  1 BEHOLD the woman's promis'd seed!
Behold the great Messiah come!
Behold the prophets all agreed
To give him the superior room!
  2 Abra'm, the saint, rejoic'd of old,
When visions of the Lord he saw;
Moses, the man of God, foretold
This great fulfiller of his law.
  3 The types bore witness to his name,
Obtain'd their chief design, and ceas'd:


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