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PSALM 87. L.M.
The christian church. (cont.)

  1 He likes the tents of Jacob well;
But still in Zion loves to dwell.
  2 His mercy visits ev'ry house,
That pays its night and morning vows;
But makes a more delightful stay,
Where churches meet to praise and pray.
  3 What glories were describ'd of old!
What wonders are of Zion told!
Thou city of our God below,
Thy fame shall Tyre and Egypt know.
  4 Egypt and Tyre, the Greek and Jew,
Shall there begin their lives anew:
Angels and men shall join to sing
The Hill, where living waters spring.
  5 When God makes up his last account
Of natives in his holy mount,
'Twill be an honour to appear,
As one new born and nourish'd there.

PSALM 88. First Part. L.M.
Life the only accepted time.

  1 WHILE life prolongs its precious light,
Mercy is found and peace is giv'n;
But soon, ah soon! th' approaching night
Shall blot out ev'ry hope of heav'n.
  2 While God invites, how bless'd the day!
How sweet the gospel's charming sound!
"Come sinners, haste, O! haste away,
"While yet a pard'ning God he's found.
  3 "In that lone land of deep despair,
"No Sabbath's heav'nly light shall rise;
"No God regard your bitter pray'r,
"Nor Saviour call you to the skies."

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PSALM 88. Second Part. S.M.
Sickness sanctified.

  1 STRETCH'D on the bed of grief,
   In silence long I lay;
For sore disease and wasting pain
   Had worn my strength away.
  2 How mourn'd my sinking soul
   The Sabbath's hours divine;
The day of grace, that precious day,
   Consum'd in sense, and sin.
  3 The work, the mighty work
   Of life so long delay'd;
Repentance, yet to be begun,
   Upon a dying bed!
  4 Then to the Lord I pray'd,
   And rais'd a bitter cry:
"Hear me, O God, and save my soul,
   "Lest I for ever die."
  5 He heard my humble cry;
   He sav'd my soul from death:
To him I'll give my heart and hands,
   And consecrate my breath.
  6 Ye sinners, fear the Lord,
   While yet 'tis call'd to-day;
Soon will the awful voice of death
   Command your souls away.

PSALM 88. Third Part. L.M.
Sickness sanctified.

  1 SHALL man, O God of light and life,
For ever moulder in the grave?
Can'st thou forget thy glorious work,
Thy promise, and thy pow'r to save?
  2 Cease, cease, ye vain desponding fears:
When Christ, our Lord, from darkness sprang,

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