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HYMN 35. Second Part. L.M.
God incomprehensible. (cont.)

  5 He wounds the heart, and he makes whole;
He calms the test of the soul;
When he shuts up in long despair,
Who can remove the heavy bar?
  6 He frowns and darkness veils the moon,
The fainting sun grows dim at noon;
The pillars of heav'n's starry roof
Trembler and start at his reproof.
  7 These are a portion of his ways;
But who shall dare describe his face?
Who can endure his light, or stand
To hear the thunders of his hand?

HYMN 36. C.M.
The third command.

  1 HOLY and rev'rend is the name
   Of our eternal King;
Thrice holy Lord! the angels cry,
   Thrice holy, let us sing.
  2 Holy is he in all his works,
   And truth is his delight;
But sinners and their wicked ways
   Shall perish from his sight.
  3 The deepest rev'rence of the mind,
   Pay, O my soul, to God;
Lift, with thy hands, a holy heart
   To his sublime abode.
  4 With sacred awe pronounce his name,
   Abhor the lips profane;
Let not thy tongue the Lord blaspheme,
   Nor take his name in vain.
  4 Thou holy God! preserve my soul
   From all pollution free;
The pure in heart, and hands, and lips,
   Alone thy face shall see.

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HYMN 37. First Part. L.M.
Christians may take a religious oath. (cont.)

  1 WHEN God his gracious promise made
To faithful Abra'm and his seed,
To show his grace and truth to both,
Confirm'd the promise with an oath.
  2 So, by an oath, in ev'ry age,
The saints their promise oft engage;
When questions rise of death or life,
An oath confirms and ends all strife.
  3 Christians the truth will ever say,
Their yea be yea, their nay be nay;
And with conscientious dread refrain
From swearing any oath profane.
  4 But when great facts demand high proof,
They honour God by solemn oath;
And thereby teach the world to own
The Judge eternal on his throne.
  5 The fear of God is thus maintain'd,
And men from perjury restrain'd;
Religious oaths may be abus'd,
But may not therefore be refus'd.
  6 Christians, the worthiest men on earth,
Who cherish peace, and love the truth,
Will put religion's sacred seal
To what is held the last appeal.

HYMN 37. Second Part. C.M.

  1 LET those who bear the christian name
   Their holy vows fulfil:
The saints, the follow'rs of the Lamb,
   Delight to do his will.
  2 True to the solemn oaths they take,
   Tho' to their hurt they swear;


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