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HYMN 8. Second Part. L.M.
The triune God, the God of our salvation. (cont.)

  3 Immanuel to the choice agreed,
And thus secur'd a niim'rous seed.
  4 He sends his Spirit from above
To call the objects of his love;
Not one shall perish nor be lost:
He bought them dear; his blood they cost.
  5 What high displays of sov'reign grace!
What love to save a ruin'd race!
My soul, adore his lovely name,
By whom thy free salvation came.

HYMN 8. Third Part. C.M.
A song of praise to the Holy Trinity.

  1 LET them neglect thy glory, Lord,
   Who never knew thy grace;
But our loud songs shall still record
   The wonders of thy praise.
  2 We raise our shouts, O God, to thee,
   And send them to thy throne;
All glory to th' united Three,
   The undivided One.
  3 'Twas he, (and we'll adore his name)
   That form'd us by a word;
'Tis he, restores our ruin'd frame;
   Salvation to the Lord!
  4 Hosanna! let the earth and skies
   Repeat the joyful sound;
Rocks, hills and vales reflect the voice
   In one eternal round.

HYMN 9. First Part. L.M.
God the Father, the almighty Creator.

  1 ALMIGHTY God we praise, and own
Thee our Creator, King alone;
All things were made to honour thee,
O Father of eternity!

PAGE 283

HYMN 9. First Part. L.M.
God the Father, the almighty Creator. (cont.)

  2 To thee all angels loudly cry,
The heav'ns and all the pow'rs on high,
Cherubs and seraphims proclaim,
And cry, thrice holy to thy name.
  3 Lord God of hosts, thy presence bright
Fills heav'n and earth with beauteous light;
Th' apostles' happy company,
And ancient prophets all praise thee.
  4 The crowned martyrs' noble host,
The holy church in ev'ry coast,
Their Maker, for their Father own,
Now reconcil'd in Christ his Son.

HYMN 9. Second Part. C.M.

  1 LORD, when our raptur'd thought surveys
   Creation's beauties o'er,
All nature joins to teach thy praise.
   And bid our souls adore.
  2 Where'er we turn our gazing eyes,
   Thy radiant footsteps shine;
Ten thousand pleasing wonders rise,
   And speak their source divine.
  3 The living tribes of countless forms,
   In earth, and sea, and air.
The meanest flies, the smallest worms,
   Almighty pow'r declare.
  4 Thy wisdom, pow'r, and goodness, Lord,
   In all thy works appear:
And, O! let man thy praise record,
   Man, thy distinguished care.
  5 From thee the breath of life he drew;
   That breath thy pow'r maintains:
Thy tender mercy, ever new,
   His brittle frame sustains.


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