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HYMN 112. C.M.
Thanksgiving for health after Pestilence. (cont.)

  4 Praise to the Lord, who staid the sword,
   And said, "it is enough;"
Praise to the Lord, who makes his saints
   Triumphant e'en in death.
  5 Our God, in thine appointed hour
   Those heav'nly gates display,
Where pain, and sickness, fear and death
   For ever flee away.
  6 There, while the nations of the bless'd,
   With raptures bow around,
Our anthems to deliv'ring grace,
   In sweeter strains shall sound.

HYMN 113. C.M.
Complaint and hope in Sickness.

  1 LORD, I am pain'd; but I resign
   My body to thy will:
'Tis grace, 'tis wisdom all divine,
   Appoints the pains I feel.
  2 Dark are thy ways of providence,
   While they, who love thee, groan:
Thy reasons lie conceal'd from sense,
   Mysterious and unknown.
  3 Yet nature may have leave to speak,
   And plead before her God,
Lest the o'erburden'd heart should break
   Beneath thy heavy rod.
  4 These mournful groans and flowing tears,
   Give my poor spirit ease:
While ev'ry groan my Father hears,
   And ev'ry tear he sees.
  5 Is not some smiling hour at hand,
   With health upon its wings?
Give it, O God, thy swift command,
   With all the joys it brings.

PAGE 431

HYMN 114. C.M.
Praise for recovery from Sickness.

  1 MY God, thy service well demands
   The remnant of my days;
Why was this fleeting breath renew'd,
   But to renew thy praise?
  2 Thine arms of everlasting love
   Did this weak frame sustain;
When life was hov'ring o'er the grave,
   And nature sunk with pain.
  3 Calmly I bow'd my fainting head
   On thy dear faithful breast;
Pleas'd to obey my Father's call
   To his eternal rest.
  4 Into thy hands, my Saviour-God,
   Did I my soul resign:
In firm dependence on that truth,
   Which made salvation mine.
  5 Back from the borders of the grave,
   At thy command, I come:
Nor will I urge a speedier flight,
   To my celestial home.
  6 Where thou determin'st mine abode,
   There would I choose to be;
For in thy presence death is life,
   And earth is heav'n with thee.

HYMN 115. S.M.

  1 THY bounties, gracious Lord,
   With gratitude we own:
We bless thy providential grace,
   Which show'rs its blessings down.
  2 With joy the people bring
   Their off'rings round thy throne;


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