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HYMN 6. Third Part. L.M.
Types and proprecies fulfilled in Christ. (cont.)

  3 The incense and the bleeding lamb,
The ark, the altar, and the priest.
  4 Predictions in abundance meet,
To join their blessings on his head;
Jesus, we worship at thy feet,
And nations own the promis'd seed.

HYMN 6. Fourth Part. L.M.
The gospel of Christ.

GOD, in the gospel of his Son,
Makes his eternal counsels known;
'Tis here his richest mercy shines,
And truth is drawn in fairest lines.
  2 Here sinners of a humble frame
May taste his grace, and learn his name;
'Tis writ in characters of blood.
Severely just, immensely good.
  3 Here Jesus, in ten thousand ways,
His soul attracting charms displays;
Recounts his poverty and pains,
And tells his love in melting strains.
  4 Wisdom its dictates here imparts,
To form our minds, to cheer our hearts;
Its influ'nce makes the sinner live,
It bids the drooping saint revive.
  5 Our raging passions it controls,
And comfort yields to contrite souls;
It brings a better world in view,
And guides us all our journey through.
  6 May this blest volume ever lie
Close to my heart, and near mine eye;
Till life's last hour my soul engage,
And be my chosen heritage.

PAGE 277:

HYMN 7. First Part. S.M.
All men are not saved.

  1 DESTRUCTION's dang'rous road,
   What multitudes pursue!
While that, which leads the soul to God,
   Is known or sought by few.
  2 Believers enter in
   By Christ, the living door;
But they, who will not leave their sin,
   Must perish evermore.
  3 If self must be denied,
   And sin forsaken quite;
They rather choose the way that's wide,
   And strive to think it right.
  4 Encompass'd by a throng,
   On numbers they depend;
They think so many can't be wrong,
   And miss a happy end.
  5 But numbers are no mark
   That men will right be found:
A few were sav'd in Noah's ark,
   For many millions drown'd.
  6 Obey the gospel call,
   And enter while you may;
The flock of Christ remains still small,
   And none are safe, but they.
  7 Lord, open sinners' eyes,
   Their awful state to see;
And make them, ere the storm arise.
   To thee for safety flee,

HYMN 7. Second Part. S.M.

  1 FAITH! 'tis a precious grace,
   Where'er it is bestow'd;


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