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HYMN 63. L.M.
On the first approach to the Lord's Table.

  1 LORD, I am thine, entirely thine,
Purchas'd and sav'd by blood divine;
With full consent thine I would be,
And own thy sov'reign right in me.
  2 Here, Lord, my flesh, my soul, my all,
I yield to thee beyond recall;
Accept thine own, so long withheld;
Accept what I so freely yield.
  3 Grant one poor sinner more a place
Among the children of thy grace;
A wretched sinner, lost to God,
But ransom'd by Immanuel's blood.
  4 Thine would I live thine would I die;
Be thine thro' all eternity;
The vow is past beyond repeal;
And now I set the solemn seal.
  5 Be thou the witness of my vow,
Angels and men attest it too;
That to thy board I now repair,
And seal the sacred contract there.
  6 Here, at that cross, where flows the blood,
That bought my guilty soul for God;
Thee, my new Master, now I call,
And consecrate to thee my all.
  7 Do thou assist a feeble worm,
The great engagement to perform;
Thy grace can full assistance lend,
And on that grace I dare depend.

HYMN 64. C.M.
Faith, Hope, and Love.

  1 THE blest memorials of thy grief,
   The suff'rings of thy death,

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HYMN 64. C.M.
Faith, Hope, and Love. (cont.)

  1 We come, dear Saviour, to receive,
   But would receive with faith.
  2 The tokens sent us to relieve
   Our spirits, when they droop,
We come, dear Saviour, to receive,
   But would receive with hope.
  3 The pledges, thou wast pleas'd to leave,
   Our mournful minds to move,
We come, dear Saviour, to receive,
   But would receive with love.
  4 Here in obedience to thy word,
   We take the bread and wine;
The utmost we can do, dear Lord,
   For all beyond is thine.
  5 Increase our faith, and hope, and love;
   Lord, give us all that's good:
We would thy full salvation prove,
   And share thy flesh and blood.

HYMN 65. L.M.
Struggling against unbelief.

  1 PITY a helpless sinner, Lord,
Who would believe thy gracious word:
Who owns his heart, with shame and grief,
A sink of sin and unbelief.
  2 Lord, in thy house, I read there's room,
But can there, Saviour! can there be,
Among the children room for me?
  3 I eat the bread, and drink the wine:
But O! my soul wants more than sign!
I faint, unless I feed on thee,
And drink thy blood as shed for me.
  4 For sinners, Lord, thou cam'st to bleed;
And I'm a sinner vile indeed!


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