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HYMN 13. Fourth Part. S.M.
We are sons of God by adoption.

  1    BEHOLD what wondrous grace
   The Father has bestow 'd
On sinners of a mortal race,
   To call them sons of God!
  2    'Tis no surprising thing,
   That we should be unknown;
The Jewish world knew not their King,
   God's everlasting Son.
  3 Nor doth it yet appear
   How great we must be made;
But when we see our Saviour there,
   We shall be like our head.
  4 A hope so much divine
   May trials well endure;
May purge our souls from sense and sin,
   As Christ the Lord is pure.
  5 If in my Father's love,
   I share a filial part,
Send down thy Spirit, like a dove,    To rest upon my heart.
  6 We would no longer lie,
   Like slaves, beneath the throne;
Our faith shall Abba, Father, cry,
   And thou the kindred own.

HYMN 13. Fifth Part. C.M.
Jesus is our Lord and Master.

  1 COME, ye that love the Saviour's name,
   And joy to make it known,
The sov'reign of your hearts proclaim,
   And bow before his throne.
  2 Behold your Lord, your Master crown'd
   With glories all divine!

PAGE 301

HYMN 13. Fifth Part. C.M.
Jesus is our Lord and Master. (cont.)

  2 And tell the wond'ring nations round,
   How bright those glories shine.
  3 Infinite pow'r, and boundless grace,
   In him unite their rays:
You, that have e'er beheld his face,
   Can you forbear his praise?
  4 When in his earthly courts we view
   The glories of our King;
We long to love, as angels do,
   And wish, like them, to sing.
  5 And shall we long and wish in vain?
   Lord, teach our songs to rise:
Thy love can animate the strain,
   And bid it reach the skies.
  6 O happy period! glorious day!
   When heav'n and earth shall raise,
With all their pow'rs, th' enraptur'd lay,
   To celebrate thy praise.

HYMN 14. First Part. P.M.
The eternal Son of God took upon him the very nature of man.

  1 GOD with us! O glorious name!
Let it shine in endless fame:
God and man in Christ unite;
O mysterious depth and height!
  2 God with us! th' eternal Son
Took our soul, our flesh, and bone;
Now, ye saints, his grace admire,
Swell the song with holy fire.
  3 God with us! but tainted not
With the first transgressor's blot;
Yet did he our sins sustain,
Bear the guilt, the curse, the pain,
  4 God with us! O wondrous grace!
Let us see him face to face:


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