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PAGE 186: PSALM 107. Third Part. L.M.
Intemperance punished and pardoned. (cont.)

  4 He hears their groans; prolongs their breath:
And saves them from approaching death.
  5 No med'cines could effect the cure
So quick, so easy, or so sure:
The deadly sentence God repeals,
He sends his sov'reign word and heals.
  6 O may the sons of men record
The wondrous goodness of the Lord!
And let their thankful off'rings prove
How they adore their Maker's love.

PSALM 107. Fourth Part. C.M.
The mariner's psalm.

  1 THY works of glory, mighty Lord,
   Thy wonders in the deeps,
The sons of courage shall record,
   Who trade in floating ships.
  2 At thy command the winds arise,
   And swell the tow'ring waves;
The men astonish'd mount the skies,
   And sink in gaping graves.
  3 Frighted to hear the tempest roar,
   They pant with flutt'ring breath;
And hopeless of the distant shore,
   Expect immediate death.
  4 Then to the Lord they raise their cries,
   He hears their loud request;
And orders silence thro' the skies,
   And lays the floods to rest.
  5 Sailors rejoice to lose their fears,
   And see the storm allay'd:
Now to their eyes the port appears;
   There let their vows be paid.
  6 'Tis God that brings them safe to land;
   Let stupid mortals know,

PAGE 187

PSALM 107. Fourth Part. C.M.
The mariner's psalm. (cont.)

  6 That waves are under his command,
   And all the winds that blow.
  7 O that the sons of men would praise
   The goodness of the Lord!
And those that see thy wondrous ways,
   Thy wondrous love record.

PSALM 107. Fifth Part. C.M.
Nations blest and punished. A psalm for America.

  1 WHEN God, provok'd with daring crimes,
Scourges the madness of the times,
He turns the fields to barren sand,
And dries the rivers from the land.
  2 His word can raise the springs again,
And make the wither'd mountains green;
Send show'ry blessings from the skies;
And harvests in the desert rise,
  3 Where nothing dwelt but beasts of prey,
Or men as fierce and wild as they;
He bids th' opprest and poor repair,
And builds them towns and cities there.
  4 They sow the fields, the trees they plant;
Whose yearly fruit supplies their want:
Their race grows up from fruitful stocks;
Their wealth increases with their flocks.
  5 Thus they are blest; but if they sin,
He lets the heathen nations in:
A savage crew invades their lands;
Their people die by barb'rous hands;
  6 Their captive sons, expos'd to scorn,
Wander unpitied and forlorn;
The country lies unfenc'd, untill'd,
And desolation spreads the field.
  7 Yet if the humbled nation mourns,
Again his dreadful hand he turns;

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