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PSALM 78. Second Part. C.M.
Israel's rebellion and punishment. (cont.)

  3 What dreadful tokens of his might
   Spread o'er the stubborn land!
  4 They saw him cleave the mighty sea,
   And march'd in safety through,
With wat'ry walls to guard their way,
   'Till they had 'scap'd the foe.
  5 A wond'rous pillar mark'd the road,
   Compos'd of shade and light;
By day it prov'd a shelt'ring cloud,
   A leading fire by night.
  6 He from the rock their thirst supplied;
   The gushing waters fell;
And ran in rivers by their side,
   A constant miracle.
  7 Yet they provok'd the Lord most high,
   And dar'd distrust his hand:
"Can he with bread our host supply
   "Amidst this desert land?"
  8 The Lord with indignation heard,
   And caus'd his wrath to flame:
His terrors ever stand prepar'd
   To vindicate his name.

PSALM 78. Third Part. C.M.
Israel punished for intemperance.

  1 WHEN Israel sinn'd, the Lord reprov'd,
   And fill'd their hearts with dread;
Yet he forgave the tribes he lov'd,
   And sent them heav'nly bread.
  2 He fed them with a lib'ral hand,
   And made his treasures known;
He gave the midnight clouds command
   To pour provision down.
  3 The manna like a morning show'r,
   Lay thick around their feet:

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PSALM 78. Third Part. C.M.
Israel punished for intemperance. (cont.)

  3 The corn of heav'n, so light, so pure,
   As tho' 'twere angel's meat.
  4 But they in murm'ring language said,
   "Manna is all our feast:
"We loathe this light, this airy bread;
   "We must have flesh to taste.'
  5 "Ye shall have flesh to please your lust,"
   The Lord in wrath replied;
And sent them quails, like sand or dust,
   Heap'd up from side to side.
  6 He gave them all their own desire;
   And, greedy as they fed,
His vengeance burnt with secret fire,
   And smote the rebels dead.
  7 When some were slain, the rest return'd,
   And sought the Lord with tears;
Under the rod they fear'd and mourned,
   But soon forgot their fears.
  8 Oft he chastis'd and still forgave:
   Till, by his gracious hand,
The nation, he resolv'd to save,
   Possess'd the promis'd land.

PSALM 79. L.M.
Complaint of the church against enemies.

  1 BEHOLD! O God, what cruel foes,
Thy peaceful heritage invade:
Thy holy temple stands defil'd;
In dust thy sacred walls are laid.
  2 Wide o'er the vallies, drench'd in blood,
Thy people fall'n in death remain:
The fowls of heav'n their flesh devour;
And savage beasts divide the slain.
  3 Th' insulting foes with impious rage,
Reproach thy children to their face:

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