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HYMN 115. S.M.
Charity. (cont.)

  2 With thankful souls behold we pay
   A tribute of thy own.
  3 Accept this humble mite,
   Great Sov'reign Lord of all;
Nor let our num'rous mingling sins,
   The fragrant ointment spoil.
  4 Let a Redeemer's blood
   Diffuse its virtues wide;
Hallow and cleanse our ev'ry gift,
   And all our follies hide.
  5 O may this sacrifice
   To thee the Lord ascend,
An odour of a sweet perfume,
   Presented by his hand.
  6 Well pleas'd our God shall view
   The products of his grace;
And in a plentiful reward
   Fulfil his promises.

HYMN 116. L.M.

  1 THE gold and silver are the Lord's,
And ev'ry blessing earth affords;
All conic from his propitious hand,
And must return at his command.
  2 The blessings which 1 now enjoy,
I must lor Christ and souls employ;
For if 1 use them as my own,
My Lord will soon call in his loan.
  3 When I to him in want apply,
He never does my suit deny;
And shall I then refuse to give,
Since I so much from him receive?
  4 Shall Jesus leave the realms of day,
And clothe himself in humble clay?

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HYMN 116. L.M.
Charity. (cont.)

  4 Shall he become despis'd and poor,
To make me rich for evermore?
  5 And shall I wickedly withhold,
To give my silver and my gold?
To aid a cause my soul approves,
And save the sinners Jesus loves?
  6 Expand my heart incline me, Lord,
To give the whole I can afford;
That, what thy bounty renders mine,
I may with cheerful hands resign.

HYMN 117. L.M.

  1 WHEN Jesus dwelt in mortal clay,
What were his works from day to day,
But miracles of pow'r and grace,
That spread salvation thro' our race?
  2 Teach us, O Lord, to keep in view
Thy pattern, and thy steps pursue;
Let alms bestow'd, let kindness done
Be witness'd by each rolling sun.
  3 That man may breathe, but never lives,
Who much receives, but nothing gives,
Whom none can love, whom none can thank;
Creation's blot, creation's blank:
  4 But he, who marks from day to day,
In gen'rous acts his radiant way,
Treads the same path his Saviour trod,
The path to glory and to God.

HYMN 118. C.M.

  1 JESUS, my Lord, how rich thy grace!
   Thy bounties how complete!
How shall I count the matchless sum?
   How pay the mighty debt?


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