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HYMN 52. Fourth Part. C.M.
Victory through free grace. (cont.)

  4 O! may thy glorious merits be,
   By imputation, mine.
  5 Free grace alone can wipe the tears
   From my la man ting eyes:
And raise my soul, from guilty fears,
   To joy that never dies.
  6 Free grace can death itself out-brave,
   And take the sting away:
Can sinners to the utmost save,
   And give them victory.

HYMN 52. Fifth Part. L.M.
Thine is the Kingdom, Power and Glory.

  1 OUR grateful tongues, immortal King,
Thy glory shall forever sing;
Our hymns to time's remotest day,
Thy truth in sacred notes display.
  2 What pow'r, O Lord, shall vie with thine?
What name among the saints, who shine,
Of equal excellence possess'd,
Thy sov'reignty, will dare contest?
  3 Thee, Lord, heav'n's host their Maker own,
Thine is the Kingdom, thine alone;
Thee, endless majesty has crown'd,
And glory ever vests thee round.
  4 Thrones and dominions round thee fall,
Thy presence shakes this lower ball:
From change to change the creatures run;
Hut all thy vast designs are one.
  5 O wise in all thy works! thy name
Let man's whole race aloud proclaim;
And grateful thro' the length of days,
In ceaseless songs repeat thy praise.

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HYMN 52. Sixth Part. L.M.
Home in view.

  1 AS when the weary trav'ller gains
The height of some o'erlooking hill,
His heart revives, if 'cross the plains
He eyes his home, tho' distant still.
  2 Thus, when the Christian pilgrim views,
By faith, his mansion in the skies;
The sight his fainting strength renews,
And wings his speed to reach the prize.
  3 The thought of home his spirit cheers,
No more he grieves for troubles past;
Nor any future trial fears,
So he may safe arrive at last.
  4 'Tis there, he says, I am to dwell
With Jesus, in the realms of day:
There I shall bid my cares farewell,
And he will wipe my tears away.
  5 Jesus, on thee our hope depends,
To lead us on to thine abode:
Assur'd our home will make amends
For all our toil while on the road.

HYMN 52. Seventh Part. L.M.

  1 AMEN! My Father hears my prayers,
He knows my sorrows, counts my tears;
He never said to Jacob's race,
In vain ye seek your Father's face.
  2 Amen! My precious Jesus lives,
And access to his people gives;
A rainbow now surrounds the throne;
And in his name I boldly come.
  3 Amen! The Spirit will impart
His sacred influ'nce to my heart;


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