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HYMN 101. P.M.
On opening a place of worship. (cont.)

  6    Here, may our unborn sons
   And daughters sound thy praise;
   And, shine like polish'd stones,
   Thro' long succeeding days:
Here, Lord, display thy saving pow'r,
While temples stand and men adore.

HYMN 102. L.M.
At the ordination of a Minister.

  1 SHEPHERD of Israel, thou dost keep,
With constant care, thy humble sheep;
By thee inferior Pastors rise,
To feed our souls, and bless our eyes.
  2 To all thy churches such impart,
Prepar'd according to thy heart;
Whose courage, watchfulness, and love,
Men may attest, and God approve.
  3 Fed by their active, tender care,
Healthful may all thy sheep appear;
And, by their fair example led,
The way to Zion's pastures tread!
  4 Here, hast thou listened to our vows,
And scatter'd blessings on thy house;
Thy saints are succour'd, and no more
As sheep without a guide deplore.
  5 Completely heal each Former stroke
And bless the shepherd and the flock;
Confirm the hopes thy mercies raise,
And own this tribute 1 of our praise.

HYMN 103. C.M.
Praise to God for sending a gospel Minister

  1 TO thy great name, O Prince of peace,
   Our grateful songs we raise:
Accept, thou Sun of righteousness,
   The tribute of our praise.

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HYMN 103. C.M.
Praise to God for sending a gospel Minister. (cont.)

  2 In widow'd state these walls no more
   Their mourning weeds shall wear;
Thy messenger shall joy restore,
   And ev'ry loss repair.
  3 Thy providence our souls admire,
   With joy its windings trace;
And shout with one united choir
   The triumphs of thy grace.
  4 Our happy union, Lord, maintain,
   Here let thy presence dwell;
And thousands loos'd from Satan's chain,
   Raise from the brink of hell.
  5 Distressed churches pity, Lord,
   Their dismal breaches close;
Their sons unite in sweet accord,
   And troubled minds compose.
  6 In all be purity maintain'd,
   Peace like a river flow;
And pious zeal, and love unfeign'd,
   In ev'ry bosom glow

HYMN 104. C.M.
Prayer for Missionaries

  1 GREAT God, the nations of the earth
   Are by creation thine;
And in thy works, by all beheld,
   Thy radiant glories shine.
  2 But, Lord, thy greater love has sent
   Thy gospel to mankind;
Unveiling what rich stores of grace
   Are treasur'd in thy mind.
  3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings spread
   The spacious earth around;
Till ev'ry tribe, and ev'ry soul
   Shall hear the joyful sound?


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