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HYMN 76. C.M.
Frail life, and succeeding eternity. (cont.)

  7 Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense,
   To walk this dang'rous road;
And if our souls are hurried hence,
   May they be found with God.

HYMN 77. C.M.
Time is short.

  1 THE time is short! the season near,
   When death will us remove;
To leave our friends, however dear,
   And all we fondly love.
  2 The time is short! sinners, beware,
   Nor trifle time away;
The word of great salvation hear,
   While it is call'd to-day.
  3 The time is short! ye rebels, now
   To Christ the Lord submit;
To mercy's golden sceptre bow,
   And fall at Jesu's feet.
  4 The time is short! ye saints, rejoice;
   The Lord will quickly come:
Soon shall ye hear the Bridegroom's voice,
   To call you to your home.
  5 The time is short! it swiftly flies,
   The hour is just at hand;
When we shall mount above the skies,
   And reach the wish'd-for land.
  6 The time is short! the moment near,
   When we shall dwell above;
And be for ever happy there,
   With Jesus, whom we love.

HYMN 78. L.M.

  1 ETERNITY! stupendous theme!
Compar'd herewith our life's a dream:

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HYMN 78. L.M.
Eternity. (cont.)

  1 Eternity! O awful sound,
'Adeep, where all our thoughts are drown'd!'
  2 Eternity! the dread abode,
And habitation of our God;
His glory fills the vast expanse,
Beyond the reach of mortal sense.
  3 But an eternity there is
Of dreadful woe, or joyful bliss:
And, swift as time fulfils its round,
We to eternity are bound.
  4 What countless millions of mankind
Have left this fleeting world behind!
They're gone; but where ? ah! pause and see,
Gone to a long eternity.
  5 Sinner, can'st thou forever dwell
In all the fiery deeps of hell;
And is death nothing, then, to thee;
Death, and a dread eternity?
  6 Ye gracious souls, with joy look up;
In Christ rejoice, your glorious hope;
This everlasting bliss secures;
God and eternity are yours.

HYMN 79. L.M.
Eternal Life.

  1 ETERNAL life! how sweet the sound
To sinners, who deserve to die!
Proclaim the bliss the world around,
And shout the joys, ye worlds, on high.
  2 Eternal life! how will it reign,
When, mounting from this breathless clod,
The soul discharged from sin and pain,
Ascends t' enjoy its Father, God!
  3 Eternal life! how will it bloom
In beauty on that blissful day,


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