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HYMN 9. Second Part. C.M.
Creation. (cont.)

  6 Yet nobler favours claim his praise,
   Of reason's light possessed;
By revelation's brightest rays,
   Still more divinely blest.

HYMN 9. Third Part. C.M.
God our preserver.

  1 LET Others boast how strong they be,
   Nor death nor danger fear;
While we confess, O Lord! to thee,
   What feeble things we are.
  2 Fresh as the grass our bodies stand,
   And flourish bright and gay;
A blasting wind sweeps o'er the land,
   And fades the grass away.
  3 Our life contains a thousand springs,
   And dies if one be gone;
Strange! that a harp of thousand strings
   Should keep in tune so long.
  4 But 'tis our God, supports our frame,
   The God, that form'd us first:
Salvation to th' almighty Name
   That rear'd us from the dust.
  5 While we have breath, or life, or tongues,
   Our Maker we'll adore:
His Spirit moves our heaving lungs,
   Or they would breathe no more.

HYMN 9. Fourth Part. L.M.
My times are in thine hand.

  1 RESISTLESS Sov'reign of the skies,
Immensely great! immensely wise!
My times are all within thy hand;
And all events at thy command.
  2 His great decree, who form'd the earth,
Hath fix'd my first and second birth:

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HYMN 9. Fourth Part. L.M.
My times are in thine hand. (cont.)

  2 My parents, native place, and time,
Were all assign'd to me by him.
  3 'Twas God, that form'd me in the womb,
And he shall guide me to the tomb;
My times shall all for ever be
Ordered by his all-wise decree:
  4 My times of sickness and of health,
My times of penury and wealth,
My times of trial and of grief,
My times of triumph and relief,
  5 Sad times the tempter's pow'r to prove,
Blest times to taste a Saviour's love,
Must all begin, and last, and end,
As best shall please my God and Friend.
  6 Tho' plagues and deaths around me fly,
Till he commands I cannot die:
No; not a single shaft can hit,
Till God, who guards my life, sees fit.
  7 O thou tremendous, wise and just!
In thy kind hands my life I trust;
Yea, had I somewhat dearer still,
It should be thine, and at thy will.
  8 May I, at all times, own thy hand,
And still to thee surrender'd stand;
Convinc'd that thou art God alone,
May I and mine be all thy own.
  9 Thee, Lord, at all times will I bless,
For, having thee, I all possess;
Nor can I e'er bereaved be,
Since thou wilt never part with me.

HYMN 9. Fifth Part. L.M.
We rely on God our Father.

  1 BENEATH a num'rous train of ills,
Our feeble flesh and heart may fail;


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