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HYMN 40. Third Part. C.M.
Brotherly love. (cont.)

  3 Love is the golden chain, that binds
   The happy souls above;
And he's an heir of heav'n, that finds
   His bosom glow with love.

HYMN 41. First Part. L.M.
The seventh command.

  1 SACRED wedlock! law of heaven,
By wisdom fram'd, in mercy giv'n;
The spring, whence all the kindred ties
Of parents, children, brethren, rise!
  2 Curs'd be the lusts which violate
The honours of the marriage state;
The Lord himself, in wrath severe,
Will judge the vile adulterer.
  3 The wicked, filthy and unclean,
Shall reap the harvest of their sin:
And they who burn with Sodom's lust,
In Sodom's fire shall be accurs'd.
  4 Polluted sinner, hide thy face,
Fly to the throne, and plead for grace;
The blood of Christ can cleanse thy soul,
And make thy filthy spirit whole.

HYMN 41. Second Part. L.M.
The Law is spiritual, but we are carnal.

  1 MOST holy God, thy precept's just
Against impure desires and lust;
We therefore mourn, with grief and shame,
Our guilty and polluted frame.
  2 We know by nature, we're unclean,
Our pow'ra debas'd, affections mean;
We own impeded chastity,
The sensual heart, the wanton eye.
  3 The seeds of ev'ry vice and sin
Are rooted deep and grow within;

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HYMN 41. Second Part. L.M.
The Law is spiritual, but we are carnal. (cont.)

  3 And if preserv'd from filthy ways,
To grace alone belongs the praise.
  4 O! shed abroad thy love divine,
Constrain us to be wholly thine;
And make our souls and bodies both
The Temples of the Holy Ghost.

HYMN 42. First Part. L.M.
The eighth command.

  1 GREAT God, thy holy law commands
Strict honesty in our demands;
Forbids to plunder, steal or cheat,
To practise falsehood or deceit.
  2 We must be faithful, upright, true,
Nor take, but what is strictly due;
If honesty be banish'd hence,
Religion is a vain pretence.
  3 No righteous debt must be denied
By fraud or pow'r, by lies or pride;
The poor should not by long delay,
Be made to groan for want of pay.
  4 What equity enjoins as right,
We must perform with all our might;
Nor seek our neighbour to deceive,
With what ourselves do not believe.
  5 Let christians never dare disgrace
The name and cause, which they profess;
Lord, help us ever to pursue
Things, which are honest, just and true.

HYMN 42. Second Part. S.M.
The worldling.

  1 WHAT does the worldling gain
   By all his vain pursuits?
His very pleasure gives him pain,
   And mis'ry are its fruits.


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