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HYMN 10. Fourth Part. C.M.
The blessings of providence. (cont.)

  3 How many past, almost unknown,
   Or unregarded, by!
  5 Each rolling year new favours brought
   From thy exhaustless store;
But ah! in vain my lab'ring thought
   Would count thy mercies o'er.
  6 While sweet reflection, thro' my days
   Thy bounteous hand would trace;
Still dearer blessings claim my praise,
   The blessings of thy grace.
  7 Yes, I adore thee, gracious Lord,
   For favours more divine;
That I have known thy sacred word,
   Where all thy glories shine.
  9 Lord, when this mortal frame decays,
   And ev'ry weakness dies,
Complete the wonders of thy grace,
   And raise me to the skies.
  9 Then shall my joyful pow'rs unite
   In more exalted lays;
And join the happy sons of light
   In everlasting praise.

HYMN 10. Fifth Part. C.M.
It is well.

  1 IT shall be well, let sinners know,
   With those, who love the Lord;
His saints have always found it so,
   When resting on his word.
  2 Peace, then, ye chasten'd sons of God.
   Why let your sorrows swell?
Wisdom directs our Father's rod -
   His word says, it is well.
  3 Tho' you may trials sharp endure,
   From sin, or death, or hell;

PAGE 291

HYMN 10. Fifth Part. C.M.
Submission. (cont.)

  3 Your heav'nly Father's love is sure,
   And therefore, it is well.
  4 Soon will your sorrows all be o'er,
   And you shall sweetly tell,
On Canaan's calm and pleasant shore,
   That all at last is well.

HYMN 10. Sixth Part. C.M.

  1 SUBMISSIVE to thy will, my God,
   I all to thee resign;
And bow before thy chast'ning rod
   I mourn, but not repine.
  2 Why should my foolish heart complain,
   When wisdom, truth, and love
Direct the stroke, inflict the pain,
   And point to joys above?
  3 How short are all my suff'rings here,
   How needful ev'ry cross;
Away, my unbelieving fear,
   Nor call my gain, my loss.
  4 Then give, dear Lord, or take away,
   I'll bless thy sacred name;
My Jesus, yesterday, to-day,
   Forever is the same!

HYMN 11. First Part. C.M.

  1 I'M not asham'd to own my Lord,
   Nor to defend his cause;
Maintain the honour of his word,
   The glory of his cross.
  2 Jesus, my God! I know his name;
   His name is all my trust:
Nor will he put my soul to shame,
   Nor let my hope be lost.


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