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PAGE 266:

HYMN 2. Fourth Part. C.M.
Conviction of misery by the law. (cont.)

  3 In vain we ask God's righteous law
To justify us now;
Since to convince, and to condemn,
Is all the law can do.
  4 Jesus, how glorious is thy grace,
When in thy name we trust!
Our faith receives a righteousness
That makes the sinner just.

HYMN 3. First Part. L.M.
God created man good, and after his own image.

  1 ADAM in Paradise was plac'd,
Our nat'ral and our fed'ral head;
With holiness and wisdom grac'd,
In his Creator's image made.
  2 Bless'd with the joys of innocence,
Upright and happy, firm he stood;
Till he debas'd himself to sense,
And ate of the forbidden food.
  3 His soul at first, a holy flame,
Was kindled by his Maker's breath;
But stung by sin, it soon became
The seat of darkness, strife, and death.

HYMN 3. Second Part. L.M.
Original sin.

  1 NOW back with humble shame we look
On our original;
How is our nature dash'd and broke
In our first father's fall!
  2 To all that's good, averse, and blind,
But prone to all that's ill;
What dreadful darkness veils our mind!
How obstinate our will!
  3 Conceiv'd in sin, O wretched state
Before we dfaw our breath,

PAGE 267:

HYMN 3. Second Part. L.M.
Original sin. (cont.)

  3 The first young pulse begins to beat
Depravity and death.
  4 Wild and unwholesome as the root,
Will all the branches be:
How can we hope for living fruit
From such a deadly tree?
  5 What mortal pow'r from things unclean
Can pure productions bring?
Who can command a vital stream
From an infected spring?
  6 Yet, mighty God, thy wondrous love
Can make our nature clean;
While Christ and grace prevail above
The tempter, death, and sin.
  7 The second Adam can restore
The ruins of the first;
Hosanna to that sov'reign pow'r,
That new-creates our dust!

HYMN 3. Third Part. C.M.
We are corrupt and incapable of doing good.

  1 SIN, like a venomous disease,
   Infects our vital blood;
The only help is sov'reign grace,
   The sole physician, God.
  2 Our beauty and our strength are fled,
   And we draw near to death;
But Christ, the Lord, recalls the dead
   With his almighty breath.
  3 Madness, by nature, reigns within;
   The passions burn and rage;
Till God's own Son, with skill divine,
   The inward fire assuage.
  4 We lick the dust, we grasp the wind,
   And solid good despise:


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