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PSALM 73. First Part. S.M.
The mystery of Providence unfolded. (cont.)

  4 Thro' all their life oppression reigns,
   And racks the humble poor.
  5 Their impious tongues blaspheme
   The everlasting God:
Their malice blasts the good man's name.
   And spreads their lies abroad.
  6 But I with flowing tears
   Indulg'd my doubts to rise;
"Is there a God that sees or hears
   "The things below the skies?"
  7 The tumults of my thought
   Held me in hard suspense;
'Till to thy house my feet were brought,
   To learn thy justice thence.
  8 Thy word with light and pow'r
   Did my mistake amend;
I view'd the sinners' life before,
   But here I learn'd their end.
  9 On what a slipp'ry steep
   The thoughtless wretches go;
And, O that dreadful fiery deep,
   That waits their fall below!
 10 Lord, at thy feet I bow,
   My thoughts no more repine;
1 call my God my portion now,
   And all my pow'rs are thine.

PSALM 73. Second Part. C.M.
God our portion here and hereafter.

  1 GOD, my supporter, and my hope,
   My help for ever near;
Thine arm of mercy held me up,
   When sinking in despair.
  2 Thy counsels, Lord, shall guide my feet,
   Thro' this dark wilderness;

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PSALM 73. Second Part. C.M.
God our portion and hereafter. (cont.)

  2 Thy hand conduct me near thy seat,
   To dwell before thy face.
  3 Were I in heav'n without my God,
   'Twould be no joy to me;
And while this earth is my abode,
   I long for none but thee.
  4 What if the springs of life were broke,
   And flesh and heart should faint;
God is my soul's eternal rock,
   The strength of ev'ry saint.
  5 Behold! the sinners, that remove
   Far from thy presence, die:
Not all the idol gods they love,
   Can save them when they cry.
  6 But to draw near to thee, my God,
   Shall be my sweet employ;
My tongue shall sound thy works abroad,
   And tell the world my joy.

PSALM 74. First Part. C.M.
The church pleading under sore prosecution.

  1 WILL God for ever cast us off?
   His wrath for ever smoke
Against the people of his love,
   His little chosen flock?
  2 Think of the tribes so dearly bought
   With their Redeemer's blood;
Nor let thy Zion be forgot,
   Where once thy glory stood.
  3 Lift up thy feet, and march in haste;
   Aloud our ruin calls:
See what a wide and fearful waste
   Is made within thy walls.
  4 Where once thy churches pray'd and sang,
   Thy foes profanely roar:

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