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HYMN 24. First Part. L.M.
Our good works are no part of our righteousness before God. (cont.)

  3 O may my soul be found in him
And of his righteousness partake!
  4 The best obedience of my hands
Dares not appear before thy throne;
But faith can answer thy demands,
By pleading what my Lord has done.

HYMN 24. Second Part. L.M.
Grace doth not ake men careless or profane.

  1 SELF-righteous souls on works rely,
And boast their moral dignity;
But when I lisp a song of praise,
Grace is the note my soul shall raise.
  2 'Twas grace that quicken'd me when dead,
And grace my soul to Jesus led;
Grace brings me pardon for my sin;
'Tis grace subdues my lusts within.
  3 'Tis grace, that sweetens ev'ry cross,
'Tis grace supports in ev'ry loss;
In Jesus' grace my soul is strong;
Grace is my hope, and Christ my song.
  4 'Tis grace defends when danger's near;
By grace alone I persevere;
'Tis grace constrains my soul to love
Free grace is all they sing above.
  5 Thus, 'tis alone of grace I boast,
And 'tis alone in grace I trust;
For all that's past grace is my theme;
For what's to come 'tis still the same.
  6 Thro' endless years, of grace I'll sing,
Adore and bless my heav'nly King;
I'll cast my crown before his throne,
And shout free grace to him alone.

PAGE 333

HYMN 25. C.M.
The Sacraments.

  1 MY Saviour God, my sov'reign Prince,
   Reigns far above the skies;
But brings his graces down to sense,
   And helps my faith to rise.
  2 My eyes and ears shall bless his name:
   They read and hear his word;
My touch and taste shall do the same,
   When they receive the Lord.
  3 Baptismal water is design'd
   To seal his cleansing grace;
While at his feast of bread and wine
   He gives his saints a place;
  4 But not the waters of a flood
   Can make my flesh so clean;
As by his Spirit and his blood
   He'll wash my soul from sin,
  5 Not choicest meats, nor noblest wines,
   So much my heart refresh;
As when my faith goes thro' the signs,
   And feeds upon his flesh.
  6 I love the Lord, that stoops so low,
   To give his word a seal:
But the rich grace his hands bestow.
   Exceeds the figures still.

HYMN 26. First Part. L.M.

  1 'TWAS the commission of our Lord,
Go teach the nations and baptize:
The nations have receiv'd the word
Since he ascended to the skies.
  2 He sits upon th' eternal hills,
With grace and pardon in his hands,


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