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HYMN 42. Second Part. S.M.
The worldling. (cont.)

  2 What anxious cares corrode
   The mind intent on wealth;
His mammon oft becomes a load,
   Which robs him of his health.
  3 Does he his end attain,
   And in full afflu'nce roll?
What does the sordid creature gain,
   When God demands his soul?
  4 My heart, to heav'n aspire,
   And seek thine all in God:
Nor e'er pollute thy pure desire,
   By trifles on the road.
  5 He doth my soul now bless
   With his enriching grace;
But O what wealth shall I possess,
   When I behold his face!
  6 These riches of his grace
   Will then to glory rise,
When I have run my earthly race,
   And gain'd the immortal prize.

HYMN 43. First Part. C.M.
The ninth command.

  1 RELIGION is the chief concern
   Of Of mortals here below:
May all its great importance learn,
   Its sov'reign virtue know.
  2 Let deep repentance, faith and love,
   Be join'd with godly fear;
And all our conversation prove
   Our souls to be sincere.
  3 Let with our lips our hearts agree,
   Nor slandering words devise:
We know the God of truth can see
   Thro' ev'ry false disguise.

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HYMN 43. First Part. C.M.
The ninth command. (cont.)

  4 Lord, never let our envy grow,
   To hear another's praise;
Nor rob him of his honour due,
   By base revengeful ways.
  5 O God of truth! help to detest
   Whate'er is false or wrong;
That lies in earnest or in jest
   May ne'er employ our tongue.

HYMN 43. Second Part. C.M.
The Christian is true and faithful to Jesus.

  1 AM I a soldier of the cross,
   A follow'r of the Lamb?
And shall I fear to own his cause,
   Or blush to speak his name?
  2 Must I be carried to the skies
   On flow'ry beds of ease;
While others fought to win the prize,
   And sail'd thro' bloody seas?
  3 Are there no foes for me to face?
   Must I not stem the flood?
Is this wild world a friend to grace,
   To help me on to God?
  4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign;
   Be faithful to my Lord,
And bear the toil, endure the pain,
   Supported by thy word.
  5 Thy saints, in all this glorious war,
   Shall conquer tho' they die;
They see the triumph from afar,
   And seize it with their eye.
  6 When that illustrious day shall rise,
   And all thy armies shine
In robes of vict'ry thro' the skies,
   The glory shall be thine.


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