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HYMN 121. C.M.

  1 BLEST is the man whose heart expands
   At melting pity's call;
And the rich blessings of whose hands,
   Like heav'nly manna fall.
  2 Mercy, descending from above,
   In softest accents pleads;
O may each tender bosom move,
   When mercy intercedes!
  3 Be ours the bliss in wisdom's way
   To guide untutor'd youth;
And lead the mind, that went astray,
   To virtue and to truth.
  4 Children our kind protection claim,
   And God will well approve,
When infants learn to lisp his name,
   And their Creator love.
  5 Delightful work, young souls to win,
   And turn the rising race
From the deceitful paths of sin,
   To seek redeeming grace.
  6 Almighty God, thy influ'nce shed
   To aid this good design;
The honours of thy name be spread,
   And all thy glory shine.

HYMN 122. P.M.

  1 NOW let our hearts conspire to raise
A cheerful anthem to his praise,
   Who reigns enthron'd above:
Let music, sweet as incense, rise,
With grateful odours to the skies;
   The work of joy and love.

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HYMN 122. P.M.
Charity. (cont.)

  2 How many children, Lord, we see
In ignorance and misery,
   Unprincipled, untaught!
Shall they continue still to lie
In ignorance and misery?
   We cannot bear the thought.
  3 We feel a sympathising heart;
Lord, 'tis a pleasure to impart,
   To thee thine own we give:
Hear thou our cry, and pitying see;
O let these children live to thee!
   O let these children live!

HYMN 123. C.M.
Funeral Hymn - Death dreadful, or, delightful.

  1 DEATH! 'tis a melancholy day
   To those that have no God;
When the poor soul is forced away
   To seek her last abode.
  2 In vain to heav'n she lifts her eyes;
   But guilt, a heavy chain,
Still drags her downward from the skies,
   To darkness, fire and pain.
  3 Awake and mourn, ye heirs of hell,
   Ye stubborn sinners, fear;
Lest ye be driv'n from earth, and dwell
   A long for ever there.
  4 See how the pit gapes wide for you,
   And flashes in your face;
And thou, my soul, look downward too,
   And sing recov'ring grace.
  5 He is a God of sov'reign love,
   That promis'd heav'n to me;
And taught my thoughts to soar above,
   Where happy spirits be.


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