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HYMN 132. C.M.
Funeral Consolations. (cont.)

  1 HEAR what the voice from heav'n declares
   To those in Christ who die!
"Releas'd from all their earthly cares,
   "They reign with him on high."
  2 Then, why lament departed friends,
   Or shake at death's alarms!
Death's but the servant Jesus sends
   To call us to his arms.
  3 If sin be pardon'd, we're secure,
   Death has no sting beside:
The law gave sin its strength and pow'r;
   But Christ, our ransom, died!
  4 The graves of all his saints he bless'd,
   When in the grave he lay;
And rising thence, their hopes he rais'd
   To everlasting day!
  5 Then joyfully, while life we have,
   To Christ, our life, we'll sing;
"Where is thy victory, O grave!
   "And where, O death, thy sting!"

HYMN 133. 88 L.M.
The life of faith.

  1 THE moment a sinner believes,
And trusts in his crucified Lord,
His pardon at once lie receives,
Redemption in full thro' his blood.
  2 The Christian is dead, yet he lives,
His life is with Christ, hid in God,
This life now, from Christ he derives,
And he lives by faith In his Lord.
  3 Tho' thousands and thousands of foes
Against him in malice unite,

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HYMN 133. 88 L.M.
The life of faith. (cont.)

  3 Their rage he thro' Christ can oppose,
Led forth by the spirit to fight.
  4 The faith, that unites to the Lamb,
And brings such salvation as this,
Is more than mere fancy or name;
The work of God's Spirit it is.
  5 It says to the mountains "depart,"
That stand betwixt God and the soul;
It binds up the broken in heart,
The wounded in conscience makes whole.
  6 Christ lives by his Spirit in them,
Whose hearts are renewed by grace;
And they, by their faith, live in him,
A life of pure joy, love, and peace.

HYMN 134. C.M.
The Walk of Faith.

  1 O FOR a closer walk with God,
   A calm and heav'nly frame;
And light to shine upon the road,
   That leads me to the Lamb!
  2 Where is the blessedness I knew,
   When first I sought the Lord?
Where is the soul-refreshing view
   Of Jesus and his word?
  3 What peaceful hours I then enjoy'd!
   How sweet their mem'ry still!
But now I find an aching void,
   The world can never fill.
  4 Return, O holy Dove, return,
   Sweet messenger of rest!
I hate the sins, that made thee mourn,
   And drove thee from my breast.
  5 The dearest idol I have known,
   Whate'er that idol be,


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