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HYMN 44. First Part. L.M.
The tenth command.

  1 WHATE'ER thy lot on earth may be,
Let it contentment yield to thee;
Nor others envy, or repine,
Nor covet aught, that is not thine.
  2 Justly hast thou forbidden, Lord,
Each murm'ring motion, thought, and word;
Justly requiring full content,
With what thy providence hath lent.
  3 But can a sinner lift his eye
Before the Lord of hosts on high,
And say, "this precept I've obey'd,
"Nor from it ever turn'd aside?"
  4 Alive without the law I stood,
And thought my state was safe and good;
But when with pow'r this precept came,
I saw my sin, and guilt, and shame.
  5 Lord, I adore thy saving love,
Which did from me the curse remove,
By hanging on th' accursed tree,
And being made a curse for me!

HYMN 44. Second Part. L.M.
They who are converted cannot perfectly obey the law.

  1 GRACE has enabled me to love
Thy holy law and will;
But sin has not yet ceas'd to move,
It tyrannizes still.
  2 Hence often fill'd with dread alarms,
My peace and joy subside;
And I've employ for all the arms
The gospel has supplied.
  3 Thus diff'rent powers within me strive,
While opposites I feel;

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HYMN 44. Second Part. L.M.
They who are converted cannot perfectly obey the law. (cont.)

  3 I grieve, rejoice, decline, revive,
As sin or grace prevail.
  4 But Jesus hath his promise past;
Sin with the body dies:
And grace in all his saints at last
Shall gain its victories.

HYMN 44. Third Part. L.M.
Practical use of the moral law.

  1 O LORD, my soul convicted stands
Of breaking all thy ten commands:
And on me justly might'st thou pour
Thy wrath in one eternal show'r.
  2 But thanks to God, its loud alarms
Have warn'd me of approaching harms;
And now, O Lord, my wants I see,
Lost and undone, I come to thee.
  3 I know my fig-leaf righteousness
Can ne'er thy broken law redress;
Yet in the gospel plan I see,
There's hope of pardon e'en for me.
  4 There, I behold with wonder, Lord!
That Christ hath to thy law restor'd
Those honours on th' atoning day,
Which guilty sinners took away.
  5 Amazing wisdom, pow'r and love,
Display'd to rebels from above!
Do thou, O Lord, my faith increase
To love and trust thy plan of grace.

HYMN 45. First Part. L.M.

  1 WHERE is my God? does he retire
Beyond the reach of humble sighs?
Are these weak breathings of desire
Too languid to ascend the skies?


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