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HYMN 144. C.M.
The song of Simeon - death to a believer desirable. (cont.)

  2 When fondly in his wither'd arms
   He clasp'd the holy Child:
  3 "Now I can leave this world," he cried,
   "Behold, thy servant dies!
"I've seen thy great salvation, Lord,
   "And close my peaceful eyes.
  4 "This is the light prepar'd to shine
   "Upon the Gentile lands;
"Thine Israel's glory, and their hope,
   "To break their slavish bands."
  5 Jesus! the vision of thy face
   Hath overpow'ring charms!
Scarce shall I feel death's cold embrace,
   If Christ be in my arms.
  6 When flesh shall fail, and heart-strings break,
   Sweet will the minutes roll;
A mortal paleness on my cheek,
   But glory in my soul.

HYMN 145. S.M.
The song of Moses and the Lamb.

  1 AWAKE, and sing the song
   Of Moses and the Lamb;
Wake, ev'ry heart, and ev'ry tongue,
   To praise the Saviour's name.
  2 Sing of his dying love,
   Sing of his rising pow'r;
Sing how he intercedes above,
   For those whose sins he bore.
  3 Sing, on your heav'nly way,
   Ye ransom'd sinners, sing;
Sing on rejoicing, ev'ry day,
   In Christ, the exalted King.
  4 Soon shall your raptur'd tongue
   His endless praise proclaim;

PAGE 455

HYMN 145. S.M.
The song of Moses and the Lamb. (cont.)

  4 And sweeter voices tune the song
   Of Moses and the Lamb.

HYMN 146. L.M.
The song of the Redeemed in heaven.

  1 BEHOLD the saints, belov'd of God!
Wash'd are their robes in Jesu's blood;
Brighter than angels, lo, they shine,
Their glories splendid and sublime!
  2 Thro' tribulation great they came,
They bore the cross, and scorn'd the shame;
Now in the living temple blest,
With God they dwell, on him they rest.
  3 Hunger they ne'er shall feel again,
Nor pain, nor thirst, shall they sustain;
To wells of living water led,
By God the Lamb forever fed.
  4 While everlasting ages roll,
Eternal love shall feast their soul;
And scenes of bliss, forever new,
Rise in succession to their view.
  5 Here, all who suffer'd sword or flame
For truth, or Jesu's lovely name;
Shout vict'ry now, and hail the Lamb,
And bow before the great I AM.
  6 Jesus, the Saviour, is their theme;
They sing the wonders of his name;
To him ascribing pow'r and grace,
Dominion and eternal praise.
  7 To him who lov'd them to the end,
Their surety, sacrifice, and friend;
To him who wash'd them in his blood,
And made them kings and priests to God!
  8 "Amen," they cry, "'tis he alone,
"Who rightly fills his Father's throne,


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