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HYMN 45. Third Part. L.M.
Exhortation to prayer. (cont.)

  3 Teach us divine forgiveness too,
And, freed from evil, let us live.
  4 For thinc's the kingdom, and the pow'r,
And all the glory waits thy name;
Let ev'ry saint thy grace adore,
And sound in songs their loud Amen.

HYMN 46. First Part. C.M.
Our Father.

  1 SOV'REIGN of all the worlds on high,
   Allow our humble claim;
Nor, while poor worms would raise their heads,
   Disdain a Father's name.
  2 Our Father God! how sweet the sound!
   How tender and how dear!
Not all the melody of heav'n,
   Could so delight the ear.
  3 Come, sacred Spirit, seal the name
   On my expanding heart;
And show, that in Jehovah's grace
   I share a filial part.
  4 Cheer'd by a signal so divine,
   Unwav'ring I believe:
Thou know'st, I, Abba    Nor can thy word deceive.

HYMN 46. Second Part. L.M.
Our Father and our Saviour are in Heaven.

  1 DESCEND from heav'n, immortal Dove,
Stoop down and take us on thy wings;
And mount and bear us far above
The reach of these inferior things;
  2 Beyond, beyond this lower sky,
Up where eternal ages roll,
Where solid pleasures never die,
And fruits immortal feast the soul.

PAGE 373

HYMN 46. Second Part. L.M.
Our Father and our Saviour are in Heaven. (cont.)

  3 O for a sight, a blissful sight
Of our almighty Father's throne!
There sits the Saviour crown'd with light,
Cloth'd in a body, like our own.
  4 Adoring saints around him stand,
While thrones and pow'rs before him fall;
And God shines gracious thro' the man,
And sheds sweet glories on them all.
  5 O what amazing joys they feel,
While to their golden harps they sing,
And sit on ev'ry heav'nly hill,
And spread the triumphs of their King!
  6 When shall the day, dear Lord, appear,
That I shall mount, to dwell above,
And stand, and bow, and worship there,
And view thy face, and sing, and love?

HYMN 46. Third Part. C.M.
Rejoicing in God our Father.

  1 COME, shout aloud the Father's grace,
   And sing the Saviour's love:
Soon shall you join the glorious theme
   In loftier strains above.
  2 God, the eternal, mighty God,
   To dearer names descends:
Calls you his treasure and his joy,
   His children and his friends.
  3 My Father God! and may these lips
   Pronounce a name so dear!
Not thus could hcav'n's sweet harmony
   Delight my list'ning ear.
  4 Thanks to my God for ev'ry gift
   His bounteous hands bestow;
And thanks eternal for that love
   Whence all those comforts flow.


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