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HYMN 12. Second Part. P.M.
The offices of Christ. (cont.)

  5    Now let my soul arise,
   And tread the tempter down:
   My Saviour leads me forth
   To conquest and a crown.
A feeble saint shall win the day,
Tho' death and hell obstruct the way.
  6    Should all the hosts of hell,
   And pow'rs of death unknown,
   Put their most dreadful forms,
   Of death and mischief, on:
I shall be safe, for Christ displays
Superior pow'r and guardian grace.

HYMN 12. Third Part. L.M.
Christ is all, and in all.

  1 IN Christ I've all my soul's desire;
His Spirit does my heart inspire
With boundless wishes large and high:
And Christ will all my wants supply.
  2 Christ is my hope, my strength and guide;
For me he bled, and groan'd and died:
He is my sun, to give me light,
He is my soul's supreme delight.
  3 Christ is the source of all my bliss,
My wisdom, and my righteousness
My Saviour, Brother, and my Friend;
On him alone I now depend.
  4 Christ is my King to rule and bless,
And all my troubles to redress;
He's my salvation and my all,
Whate'er on earth shall me befal.
  5 Christ is my strength and portion too,
My soul in him can all things do;
Thro' him I'll triumph o^er the grave,
And death, and ev'ry foe outbrave.

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HYMN 12. Fourth Part. L.M.

  1 NOT all the nobles of the earth,
Who boast the honours of their birth,
Such real dignity can claim,
As those who bear the christian name.
  2 To them the privilege is giv'n
To be the sons and heirs of heav'n;
Sons of the God who reigns on high;
And heirs of joy beyond the sky.
  3 On them, a happy, chosen race,
Their Father pours his richest grace:
To them his counsels he imparts,
And stamps his image on their hearts,
  4 Their infant-cries, their tender age,
His pity and his love engage:
He clasps them in his arms, and there
Secures them with parental care.
  5 His will he makes them early know,
And teaches their young feet to go;
Whispers instruction to their minds,
And on their hearts his precepts binds.
  6 When thro' temptations they rebel,
His chast'ning rod he makes them feel;
Then, with a Father's tender heart,
He sooths the pain, and heals the smart.
  7 Their daily wants his hands supply,
Their steps he guiirds with watchful eye;
Leads them from earth to heav'n above,
And crowns them with eternal love.
  8 If I've the honour, Lord, to be
One of this num'rous family;
On me the gracious gift bestow,
To call thee Abba, Father, too.


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