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HYMN 48. Second Part. L.M.
Prayer for the spread of the gospel. (cont.)

  3 Then shall the heathen, fill'd with awe,
Learn the blest knowledge of thy law:
And Antichrist, on ev'ry shore,
Fall from his throne to rise no more.
  4 Then shall thy lofty praise resound
On Afric's shores thro' Asia's ground;
And Europe with America
Shall stretch their eager arms to thee.
  5 Then shall the Jew and Gentile meet
In pure devotion at thy feet:
And earth shall yield thee, as thy due,
Her fulness and her glory too.

HYMN 48. Third Part. L.M.
Prayer for the Jews.

  1 FATHER of faithful Ahra'm, hear
Our earnest suit for Ahra'm's seed;
Justly they claim the tend'rest prayer
From us, adopted in their stead:
  2 Outcasts from thee, and scatter'd wide
Thro' cv'ry nation under heav'n,
Blaspheming whom they crucified,
Unsav'd, unpitied, unforgiv'n.
  3 But hast thou finally forsook,
Forever cast thine own away?
Wilt thou not bid the murd'rers look
On him they piere'd, and weep and pray?
  4 Come then, thou great Deliv'rer, come;
The veil from Jacob's heart remove,
O! bring thine ancient people home,
And let them know thy dying love!

HYMN 48. Fourth Part. L.M.

  1 LOOK up, ye saints, with sweet surprise,
Toward the joyful coming day,

PAGE 377

HYMN 48. Fourth Part. L.M.
Millennium. (cont.)

  1 When Jesus shall descend the skies,
And form a bright, and dazzling ray.
  2 Nations shall in a day be born,
And swift, like doves, to Jesus fly;
The church shall know no clouds return,
Nor sorrows mixing with their joy.
  3 The lion and the lamb shall feed
Together in his peaceful reign;
And Zion, blest with heav'nly bread,
Of pinching wants no more complain.
  4 The Jew, the Greek, the bond, the free,
Shall boast their sep'rate rights no more;
But join in sweetest harmony,
Their Lord, their Saviour to adore.
  5 Thus, till a thousand years be past,
Shall holiness and peace prevail;
And ev'ry knee shall bow to Christ,
And ev'ry tongue shall Jesus hail.
  6 Then the redeem'd shall mount on high,
Where their deliv'ring Prince is gone;
And angels at his word shall fly,
To bless them with theconquror's crown.

HYMN 49. First Part. L.M.
Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.

  1 THOU reign'st, O Lord, thy throne is high,
Thy robes are light and majesty;
Thy pow'r is sov'reign to fulfil
The holy counsels of thy will.
  2 Thy will be done on earth below,
As 'tis in heav'n; thy grace bestow
On us and all; may we and they
Renounce our wills, and thine obey.
  3 While all the hosts of heav'n rejoice
To vield obedience to thy voice;


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