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PAGE 354:

HYMN 34. First Part. C.M.
The moral Law. (cont.)

  3 Dear as thine own, so wills thy God,
   Must be his life and name.
  4 Thy soul one wish shall not let loose
   For that which is not thine;
Live in thy lot, or small or great:
   For God has drawn the line.
  5 O may the Lord, who gave these laws,
   Write them on ev'ry heart,
That all may feel their living pow'r,
   Nor from his paths depart!

HYMN 34. Second Part. L.M.
The first command.

  1 ETERNAL God! Almighty cause
Of earth and seas, and worlds unknown;
All things are subject to thy laws;
All things depend on thee alone.
  2 Thy glorious Being singly stands,
Of all within itself possest;
Control'd by none are thy commands;
Thou from thyself alone art blest.
  3 To thee alone ourselves we owe;
Let heav'n and earth due homage pay:
All other gods we disavow,
Deny their claims, renounce their sway.
  4 Spread thy great name thro' heathen lands;
Their idol-deities dethrone:
Reduce the world to thy command,
And reign, as thou art, God alone.

HYMN 35. First Part. L.M.
The second command.

  1 THOU art, O God! a Spirit pure,
Invisible to mortal eyes;
Th' immortal, and th' eternal King,
The great, the good, the only wise.

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HYMN 35. First Part. L.M.
The second command. (cont.)

  2 Whilst nature changes, and her works
Corrupt, decay, dissolve and die,
Thy essence pure no change shall see,
Secure of immortality.
  3 Thou great invisible! what hand
Can draw thy image spotless fair?
To what in heav'n, to what on earth,
Can men th' immortal King compare?
  4 Let stupid heathens frame their gods
Of gold and silver, wood and stone;
Ours is the God that made the heav'ns,
JEHOVAH HE, and God alone.
  5 My soul, thy purest homage pay,
In truth and spirit him adore;
More shall this please, than sacrifice,
Than outward forms delight him more.

HYMN 35. Second Part. L.M.
TGod incomprehensible.

  1 CAN creatures, to perfection, find
Th' eternal, uncreated mind?
Or can the largest stretch of thought
Measure and search his nature out?
  2 'Tis high as heav'n, 'tis deep as hell;
And what can mortals know, or tell?
His glory spreads beyond the sky,
And all the shining worlds on high.
  3 [But man, vain man, would fain be wise.
Born, like a wild young colt, he flies
Thro' all the follies of his mind,
And smells and snuffs the empty wind.]
  4 God is a King of pow'r unknown,
Firm are the orders of his throne;
If he resolve, who dare oppose,
Or ask him why, or what he does?


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