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HYMN 52. First Part. L.M.
Temptation. (cont.)

  4 Sees ev'ry day new straits attend,
And wonders where the scene will end.
  5 Is this, dear Lord, that thorny road,
Which leads us to the mount of God?
Are these the toils thy people know,
While in the wilderness below?
  6 'Tis even so, thy faithful love
Doth all thy children's graces prove;
'Tis thus our pride and self must fall,
That Jesus may be all in all.

HYMN 52. Second Part. C.M.
God the Holy Ghost.

  1 TEACH us, O Lord, aright to plead
   For mercies from above:
O! come, and bless our souls indeed,
   With light, and joy, and love.
  2 The gospel's promis'd land is wide,
   We fain would enter in;
But we are press'd on ev'ry side,
   With unbelief and sin.
  3 Arise, O Lord, enlarge our coast,
   Let us possess the whole;
That Satan may no longer boast,
   He can thy work control.
  4 O! may thy hand be with us still,
   Our guide and guardian be;
To keep us safe from ev'ry ill,
   Till death shall set us free.
  5 Help us on thee to cast our care,
   And on thy word to rest;
That Israel's God, who heareth prayer,
   Will grant us our request.

PAGE 383

HYMN 52. First Part. C.M.

  1 REJOICE, believer, in the Lord,
   Who makes your cause his own;
The hope that's built upon his word,
   Can ne'er be overthrown.
  2 Tho' many foes beset your road,
   And feeble is your arm,
Your life is hid with Christ in God,
   Beyond the reach of harm.
  3 Weak as you are, you shall not faint,
   Or fainting, shall not die;
Jesus, the strength of ev'ry saint,
   Will aid you from on high.
  4 As surely as he overcame,
   And triumph'd once for you;
So surely, you, that love his name,
   Shall triumph in him too.

HYMN 52. Fourth Part. C.M.
Victory through free grace.

  1 LET me, my Saviour and my God,
   On sovereign grace rely;
And own 'tis free, because bestow'd
   On one so vile as I.
  2 Election! 'tis a word divine;
   For, Lord, I plainly see,
Had not thy choice prevented mine,
   I ne'er had chosen thee.
  3 For perseverance, strength I've none;
   But would on this depend,
That, Jesus, having lov'd his own,
   Will love them to the end.
  4 Empty and bare, I come to thee
   For righteousness divine:


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