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PAGE 270:

HYMN 4. First Part. S.M.
Vital union to Christ in regeneration. (cont.)

  1 Thro' all his perfect works
   Surprising wisdom shines;
   Confounds the pow'rs of hell,
   And breaks their curs'd designs.
Strong is his arm, and shall fulfil
His great decrees, his sov'reign will.
  2 And can this mighty King
   Of glory condescend?
   And will he write his name,
   Father and my Friend?
I love his name, I love his word;
Join all my pow'rs, and praise the Lord.

HYMN 4. Second Part. L.M.
The justice of God.

  1 ETERNAL King! the greatest, best,
For ever glorious, ever blest;
The great I AM, Jehovah, Lord,
By seraphim and saint ador'd.
  2 Justice, the firm foundation lays,
Of all thy laws, thy works, and ways:
Obedient souls will ever find
A God that's faithful, loving, kind.
  3 But he who sins, becomes accurs'd,
Or God would be no longer just;
Curs'd is the man, who dares withdraw
Obedience from thy holy law.
  4 Where then, great God, or how shall we
Approach thy dreadful majesty!
Thy sacred law we oft have broke,
And stand obnoxious to thy stroke.
  5 But O thou holy, just, and true!
Tho' justice must have all its due,
Thou canst be just, yet justify
The soul, that doth on Christ rely.

PAGE 271:

HYMN 4. Second Part. L.M.
The justice of God. (cont.)

  6 O boundless wisdom, love and pow'r!
Thy matchless mercy we adore,
That found out this amazing plan,
To save thy ruin'd creature, man.
  7 We plead the suff'rings of thy Son,
We plead his righteousness alone;
He bore the curse, whence thou art just
In pard'ning those, who were accurs'd.

HYMN 4. Third Part. L.M.
The justice of God.

  1 INFINITE grace: and can it be
That heav'n's supreme should stoop so low!
A wretch to visit, vile, like me;
One who has been his bitt'rest foe!
  2 Can holiness and wisdom join,
With truth, with justice, and with grace,
To make eternal blessings mine,
And sin, with all its guilt, erase?
  3 O love! beyond conception great,
That form'd the vast stupendous plan!
Where all divine perfections meet
To reconcile rebellious man!
  4 There wisdom shines in fullest blaze,
And justice all her rights maintains!
Astonish'd angels stoop to gaze,
While mercy o'er the guilty reigns.
  5 Yes, mercy reigns, and justice too;
In Christ harmoniously they meet:
He paid to justice all her due,
And now he fills the mercy-seat.
  6 Such are the wonders of our God,
And such th' amazing depths of grace:
To save, from wrath's vindictive rod,
The chosen sons of Adam's race.


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