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PAGE 262:

Hymn 1. Second Part. L.M.
In life and death I belong to Christ.

  1 LET thoughtless thousands choose the road,
That leads the soul away from God;
This happiness, dear Lord, be mine,
To live and die entirely thine.
  2 On Christ, by faith, my soul would live,
From him, my life, my all receive:
To him devote my fleeting hours;
Serve him alone with all my pow'rs.
  3 Christ is my everlasting all,
To him I look, on him I call;
He ev'ry want will well supply,
In time, and thro' eternity.
  4 Soon will the Lord, my life, appear;
Soon shall I end my trials here;
Leave sin and sorrow, death and pain:
To live is Christ, to die is gain.

Hymn 1. Third Part. L.M.
The Christian's experience.

  1 NO strength of nature can suffice
   To serve the Lord aright;
And what she has, she misapplies,
   For want of clearer light.
  2 How long beneath the law I lay
   In bondage and distress:
I toil'd the precept to obey,
   But toil'd without success.
  3 Then all my servile works were done
   A righteousness to raise;
Now freely chosen in the Son,
   I freely choose his ways.

PAGE 263:

HYMN 1. Third Part. L.M.
The Christian's experience. (cont.)

  4 To see the law by Christ fulfil'd,
   And hear his pard'ning voice,
Will change a slave into a child,
   And duty into choice.
  5 "What shall 1 do," was once the word,
   "That I may worthier grow?
"What shall I render to the Lord?"
   Is my enquiry now.
  6 I've seen how great my mis'ry is,
   And mourn'd my helpless case;
I've found in Christ a righteousness.
   And praise him for his grace.

HYMN 1. Fourth Part. L.M.
The good old way.

  1 THE righteousness, th' atoning blood
Of Jesus is the way to God;
O! may we then no longer stray,
But come to Christ, the good old way.
  2 The prophets and apostles too
Pursued this path while here below;
We therefore will, without dismay,
Thus walk in Christ, the good old way.
  3 With faith and love, and holy care,
In this dear way, I'll persevere;
And when I die, triumphant say,
This is the right, the good old way.

HYMN 2. First Part. L.M.
The Law.

  1 THUS saith the first, the great command,
"Let all thy inward pow'rs unite
"To love thy Maker and thy God,
"With utmost vigour and delight.
  2 "Then shall thy neighbour, next in place,
"Share thine affections and esteem;


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