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HYMN 32. Third Part. C.M.
Elected to Holiness. (cont.)

  5 Not one of all the chosen race
   But shall to heav'n attain,
Partake on earth the purpos'd grace,
   And then with Jesus reign.

HYMN 32. Fourth Part. C.M.
Love to Christ desired.

  1 THOU lovely source of true delight
   Whom I unseen adore,
Unveil thy beauties to my sight;
   That I may love thee more.
  2 Thy glory o'er creation shines;
   But in thy sacred word
I read, in fairer, brighter lines,
   My bleeding, dying Lord.
  3 'Tis here, whene'er my comforts droop,
   And sin and sorrow rise,
Thy love, with cheerful beams of hope,
   My fainting breath supplies.
  4 But ah! too soon the pleasing scene
   Is clouded o'er with pain;
My gloomy fears rise dark between,
   And I again complain.
  5 O may my soul with rapture trace
   The wonders of thy love!
But the full glories of thy face
   Are only known above.

HYMN 33. First Part. C.M.

  1 NOT the malicious or profane,
   The wanton or the proud,
Nor thieves, nor sland'rers, shall obtain
   The kingdom of our God.
  2 Surprising grace! and such were we
   By nature and by sin;

PAGE 351

HYMN 33. First Part. C.M.
Conversion. (cont.)

  2 Heirs of immortal misery,
   Unholy and unclean.
  3 But we are wash'd in Jesus' blood,
   We're pardon'd thro' his name;
And the good Spirit of our God
   Hath sanctified our frame.
  4 O for a persevering pow'r,
   To keep thy just commands!
We would defile our hearts no more,
   No more pollute our hands.

HYMN 33. Second Part. C.M.
Death of sin.

  1 SHALL we go on to sin,
   Because thy grace abounds?
Or crucify the Lord again,
   And open all his wounds?
  2 Forbid it, mighty God!
   Nor let it e'er be said,
That we, whose sins are crucified,
   Should raise them from the dead.
  3 We shall be slaves no more,
   Since Christ hath made us free;
Has nail'd our tyrants to his cross,
   And bought our liberty.

HYMN 33. Third Part. C.M.
Conversion and Faith.

  1 LORD, we adore thy matchless ways
   In bringing souls to thee;
We sing and shout eternal praise,
   For grace so full and free.
  2 "What must I do," the jailer cries,
   "To save my sinking soul?
"Believe in Christ," the word replies,
   "Thy faith shall make thee whole."


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