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HYMN 82. C.M.
Summer - an Harvest song. (cont.)

  2 His cov'nant with the earth he keeps;
   My tongue his goodness sing;
Summer and winter know their time,
   His harvest crowns the spring.
  3 Well pleas'd, the toiling swains behold
   The waving yellow crop;
With joy they bear the sheaves away,
   And sow again in hope.
  4 Thus teach me, gracious God, to sow
   The seeds of righteousness;
Smile on my soul, and with thy beams
   The rip'ning harvest bless.
  5 Then in the last great harvest, I
   Shall reap a glorious crop;
The harvest shall by far exceed
   What I have sow'd in hope.

HYMN 83. C.M.

  1 STERN winter throws his icy chains,
   Encircling nature round;
How bleak, how comfortless the plains,
   Late with gay verdure crown'd!
  2 The sun withdraws his vital beams,
   And light and warmth depart;
And drooping lifeless, nature seems
   An emblem of my heart.
  3 My heart, where mental winter reigns,
   In eight's dark mantle clad,
Confin'd in cold inactive chains,
   How desolate and sad!
  4 Return, O blissful Sun, and bring
   Thy soul-reviving ray;
This mental winter shall be spring,
   This darkness, cheerful day.

PAGE 409

HYMN 83. C.M.
Winter. (cont.)

  5 O happy state, divine abode,
   Where spring eternal reigns;
And perfect day, the smile of God,
   Fills all the heav'nly plains!
  6 Great Source of light, thy beams display,
   My drooping joys restore,
And guide me to the seats of day,
   Where winter frowns no more.

HYMN 84. L.M.
The Seasons crowned with goodness.

  1 ETERNAL Source of ev'ry joy!
Thy praise shall ev'ry voice employ,
While in thy temple we appear
To hail thee, Sov'reign of the year.
  2 Wide as the wheels of nature roll,
Thy hand supports and guides the whole;
The sun is taught by thee to rise,
And darkness when to veil the skies.
  3 The flow'ry spring, at thy command,
Perfumes the air, and paints the land;
The summer rays with vigour shine,
To raise the corn, and cheer the vine.
  4 Thy hand, in autumn, richly pours
Thro' all our coasts redundant stores;
While winters, soften'd by thy care,
No face of want or horror wear.
  5 Seasons, and months, and weeks, and days,
Demand successive songs of praise;
And be the grateful homage paid,
With morning light, and ev'ning shade.
  6 Here in thy house let incense rise,
And circling sabbaths bless our eyes;
Till to those brighter courts we soar,
Where days and years revolve no more.


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