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HYMN 68. L.M.
Not ashamed of Christ crucified. (cont.)

  3 Let the vain world pronounce its shame,
And fling their scandals on the cause;
We come to boast our Saviour's name,
And make our triumphs in his cross.
  4 With joy we tell the scoffing age,
He, that was dead, has left his tomb;
He lives above their utmost rage,
And we are waiting till he come.

HYMN 69. C.M.
His flesh is meat indeed.

  1 HERE at thy table, Lord, we meet,
   To feed on food divine;
Thy body is the bread we eat,
   Thy precious blood the wine.
  2 He, that prepares this rich repast,
   Himself comes down and dies;
And then invites us thus to feast
   Upon the sacrifice.
  3 Here peace and pardon sweetly flow;
   O what delightful food!
We eat the bread, and drink the wine,
   But think on nobler good.
  4 The bitter torment he endur'd,
   Upon th' accursed tree,
For me, each welcome guest may say,
   'Twas all sustain'd for me.
  5 Sure then 1 was never love so free,
   Dear Saviour, so divine:
Well may'st thou claim that heart of me,
   Which owes so much to thine!

HYMN 70. P.M.
The blood of Christ.

  1    YE sin-sick souls, draw near,
   And banquet with your King,

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HYMN 70. P.M.
The blood of Christ. (cont.)

  1    His royal bounty share,
   And loud hosannas sing:
Here mercy reigns, here peace abounds,
Here's blood to heal your dreadful wounds.
  2    He's on a throne of grace,
   And waits to answer prayer:
   What tho' your sin and guilt
   Like crimson doth appear;
The blood of Christ divinely flows,
A healing balm for all thy woes.
  3    O wondrous love and grace!
   Did Jesus die for me?
   Were all my num'rous debts
   Discharg'd on Calvary?
Yes, Jesus died the work is done;
He did for all my sins atone.
  4    On earth I'll sing his love,
   In heav'n I too shall join
   The ransom'd of the Lord,
   In accents all divine;
And see my Saviour face to face,
And ever dwell in his embrace.

HYMN 71. C.M.
This Cup is the New-Testament in my blood.

  1 THE promise of my Fathers love
   Shall stand for ever good;

He said, and gave his soul to death,
   And seal'd the grace with blood.
  2 To this dear cov'nant of thy word,
   I set my worthless name;
I seal th' engagement to my Lord,
   And make my humble claim.
  3 The light, and strength, and pard'ning grace,
   And glory, shall be mine;


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