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HYMN 12. Fourth Part. L.M.
Christians. (cont.) (cont.)

  9 So may my conduct ever prove
My filial piety and love;
Whilst all my brethren clearly trace
Their Father's likeness in my face.

HYMN 13. First Part. L.M.
Christ is the eternal Son of God.

  1 O CHRIST, thou glorious King, we own
Thee to be God's eternal Son:
The Father's fulness, life divine,
Mysteriously are also thine.
  2 When rolling years brought on the day
Foretold and fix'd for this display,
Our great deliv'rance to obtain,
Thou didst our nature not disdain.
  3 At God's right hand, now. Lord, thou'rt plac'd,
And with thy Father's glory grac'd,
True God and man, in person one;
A judge to pass our final doom.
  4 From day to day, O Lord, do we
On high exalt and honour thee:
Thy name we worship and adore,
World without end, for evermore.

HYMN 13. Second Part. L.M.
God the Son equal with the Father.

  1 BRIGHT King of glory, dreadful God!
Our spirits bow before thy feet;
To thee we lift an humble thought,
And worship at thine awful seat.
  2 A thousand seraphs strong and bright
Stand round the glorious Deity;
But who, among the sons of light,
Pretends comparison with thee?
  3 Yet there is one of human frame,
Jesus, array 'd in flesh and blood,

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HYMN 13. Second Part. L.M.
God the Son equal with the Father. (cont.)

  3 Thinks it no robbery, to claim
A full equality with God.
  4 Their glory shines with equal beams;
Their essence is for ever one;
Distinct in persons, and in names;
The Father God, and God the Son.
  5 Then let the name of Christ our King
With equal honours be ador'd;
His praise let ev'ry angel sing,
And all the nations own the Lord.

HYMN 13. Third Part. L.M.

  1 JESUS, we bless thy Father's name;
Thy God and ours are both the same;
What heav'nly blessings from his throne
Flow down to sinners thro' his Son!
  2 "Christ be my first elect," he said,
Then chose our souls in Christ our head;
Before he gave the mountains birth,
Or laid foundations for the earth.
  3 Thus did eternal love begin
To raise us up from death and sin;
Persons and characters decreed,
Blameless in love, a holy seed.
  4 Predestinated to be sons;
Born by degrees, but chose at once:
A new regenerated race,
To praise the glory of his grace.
  5 With Christ our Lord, we share our part
In the affections of his heart;
Nor shall our souls be theixe remov'd
Till he forgets his first belov'd.


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