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HYMN 49. First Part. L.M.
Thy will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven. (cont.)

  3 In constancy, and zeal, and love,
May we resemble those above.

HYMN 49. Second Part. C.M.
Resignation to the will of God.

  1 THRO' all the downward tracts of time,
   God's watchful eye surveys;
O! who so wise to choose our lot,
   Or regulate our ways!
  2 I cannot doubt his bounteous love,
   Unmeasurably kind;
To his unerring, gracious will,
   Be ev'ry wish resign'd.
  3 Good when he gives, supremely good,
   Nor less when he denies;
Ev'n crosses from his sov'reign hand
   Are blessings in disguise.
  4 Here perfect bliss can ne'er be found;
   The honey's mix'd with gall:
'Midst changing scenes and dying friends,
   Be thou my all in all.

HYMN 49. Third Part. C.M.
The will of God be done in providence.

  1 IT is the Lord enthron'd in light,
   Whose claims are all divine;
Who has an undisputed right
   To govern me and mine.
  2 It is the Lord should I distrust,
   Or contradict his will?
Who cannot do but what is just,
   And must be righteous still.
  3 It is the Lord who gives me all
   My wealth, my friends, my ease;
And of his bounties may recall
   Whatever part he please.

PAGE 379

HYMN 49. Third Part. C.M.
The will of God be done in providence. (cont.)

  4 It is the Lord who can sustain
   Beneath the heaviest load,
From whom assistance I obtain
   To tread the thorny road.
  5 It is the Lord whose matchless skill
   Can from afflictions raise
Matter, eternity to fill
   With ever growing praise.
  6 It is the Lord my covenant God,
   Thrice blessed be his name!
Whose gracious promise, seal'd with blood,
   Must ever be the same.
  7 His cov'nant will my soul defend,
   Should nature's self expire:
And the great Judge of all descend
   In awful flames of fire.
  8 And can my soul, with hopes like these,
   Be sullen, or repine?
No, gracious God, take what thou please,
   I'll cheerfully resign.

HYMN 50. First Part. L.M.
Give us this day our daily bread.

  1 MOST gracious Father, God of all,
To thee we come, on thee we call,
By whom both man and beast are fed:
Give us this day our daily bread.
  2 All our supplies on thee depend;
Whate'er we want, in mercy send;
Thou art the glorious fountain-head,
Give us this day our daily bread.
  3 Nothing, O Lord, do we deserve;
The thought of merit we would dread;
'Tis as an alms alone we crave,
Give us this day our daily bread.


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