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HYMN 15. Second Part. L.M.
He was crucified. (cont.)

  4 His streaming feet transfix'd and torn,
The fountain gushing from his side.
  5 Thou dear, thou suff'ring Son of God,
How doth thy heart to sinners move!
Sprinkle on us thy precious blood,
Constrain us with thy dying love!

HYMN 15. Third Part. L.M.
It is Christ that died.

  1 SINNERS rejoice, 'tis Christ that died:
Behold the blood flows from his side!
To wash your souls, and raise you high,
To dwell with God above the sky.
  2 'Tis Christ that died, O love divine!
Here mercy, truth, and justice shine;
God reconcii'd and sinners bought
With Jesus' blood how sweet the thought!
  3 'Tis Christ that died, a truth indeed,
On which my faith would ever feed:
Nor let the works that I perform
Be nam'd, to swell a haughty worm.
  4 'Tis Christ that died, 'tis Christ was slain,
To save my soul from endless pain;
'Tis Christ that died shall be my theme,
While I have breath to praise his name,

HYMN 16. First Part. L.M.
Christ must die to satisfy for our sins.

  1 IMMORTAL God, on thee we call,
The great original of all;
Thro' thee we are, to thee we tend,
Our sure support, our glorious end.
  2 We praise that wise mysterious grace,
That pitied our revolted race,
And Jesus, our great cov'nant-head,
The captain of salvation made.

PAGE 307

HYMN 16. First Part. L.M.
Christ must die to satisfy for our sins. (cont.)

  3 Thy justice doom'd that he must die,
Who for our sins would satisfy:
His death was therefore fix'd of old,
And in thy word of truth foretold.
  4 A scene of wonders here we see,
Worthy thy Son, and worthy thee;
And while this theme employs our tongues,
All heav'n unites its sweetest songs.

HYMN 16. Second Part. L.M.
Behold the Lamb of God.

  1 BEHOLD the sin-atoning Lamb,
With wonder, gratitude, and love!
To take away our guilt and shame,
See him descending from above.
  2 Our sins and griefs on him were laid;
He meekly bore the mighty load:
Our ransom-price he fully paid,
In groans and tears, in sweat and blood.
  3 To save his guilty church, he dies;
Mourners behold the bleeding Lamb!
To him lift up your longing eyes,
And hope for mercy in his name.
  4 Pardon and peace thro' him abound;
He can the richest blessings give:
Salvation in his name is found;
He bids the dying sinner live.
  5 Jesus my Lord, I look to thee;
Where else can helpless sinners go?
Thy boundless love shall set me free
From all my wretchedness and woe.

HYMN 16. Third Part. C.M.
Christ sustained the pains of hell.

  1 And did the holy and the just,
The Sov'reign of the skies,


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