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HYMN 56. C.M.
Invitation. (cont.)

  7 Ye longing souls, the grace adore;
   Approach, there yet is room.

HYMN 57. C.M.

  1 THE King of heav'n his table spreads,
   And blessings crown the board;
Not Paradise, with all its joys,
   Could such delight afford.
  2 Pardon and peace to dying men,
   And endless life are giv'n;
Thro' the rich blood that Jesus shed,
   To raise our souls to heav'n.
  3 Ye hungry poor, that long have strayed
   In sin's dark mazes, come;
Come, from your most obscure retreats,
   And grace shall find you room.
  4 Millions of souls, in glory now,
   Were fed and feasted here;
And millions more, still on the way,
   Around the board appear.
  5 All things are ready, come away,
   Nor weak excuses frame;
Crowd to your places at the feast,
   And bless the Founder's name.

HYMN 58. L.M.

  1 COME in, ye blessed of the Lord,
Ye that believe his holy word;
Come, and receive his heav'nly bread,
The food, with which his saints are fed.
  2 Your Saviour's boundless goodness prove,
And feast on his redeeming love;
Come, all ye happy souls, that thirst,
The last is welcome as the first.

PAGE 391

HYMN 58. L.M.
Invitation. (cont.)

  3 Come to his table, and receive
Whate'er a pard'ning God can give;
His love thro' ev'ry age endures;
His promise and himself are yours.

HYMN 59. P.M.
Invitation - It is finished.

  1 HARK! the voice of love and mercy
   Sounds aloud from Calvary;
See! it rends the rocks asunder,
   Shakes the earth and veils the sky!
"It is finish'd!"
Hear the dying Saviour cry.
  2 It is finish'd! O what pleasure
   Do these precious words afford!
Heav'nly blessings, without measure,
   Flow to us from Christ the Lord:
It is finish'd!
Saints, the dying words record.
  3 Finish'd, all the types and shadows
   Of the ceremonial law!
Finish'd, all that God had promis'd;
   Death and hell no more shall awe:
It is finish'd!
Saints, from hence your comfort draw.
  4 Happy souls, approach the table,
   Taste the soul-reviving food!
Nothing's half so sweet and pleasant,
   As the Saviour's flesh and blood. It is finish'd!
Christ has borne the heavy load.
  5 Tune your harps anew, ye seraphs,
   Join to sing the pleasing theme;
All on earth, and all in heav'n,
   Join to praise Immanuel's name


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