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PSALM 124. L.M.
Thanksgiving for deliverance from national calamities. (cont.)

  5 He, that upholds that wondrous frame,
Guards his own church with watchful eyes.

PSALM 125. S.M.
The trials and safety of believers.

  1 FIRM and unmov'd are they
   That rest their souls on God:
Fix'd as the mount where David dwelt,
   Or where the ark abode.
  2 As mountains stood to guard
   The city's sacred ground,
So God and his almighty love
   Embrace his saints around.
  3 What, tho' the Father's rod
   Drop a chastising stroke,
Yet, lest it wound their souls too deep,
   Its fury shall be broke.
  4 Deal gently, Lord, with those,
   Whose faith and pious fear,
Whose hope and love, and ev'ry grace,
   Proclaim their hearts sincere.
  5 Nor shall the tyrant's rage
   Too long oppress the saint:
The God of Israel will support
   His children, lest they faint.
  6 But if our slavish fear
   Will choose the road to hell,
We must receive our portion there,
   Where bolder sinners dwell.

PSALM 126. First Part. L.M.
Praise for surprising deliverance to the nation.

  1 WHEN God restor'd our captive state,
Joy was our song, and grace our theme;
A grace beyond our hopes so great,
The joy appear'd but fancy's dream.

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PSALM 126. First Part. L.M.
Praise for surprising deliverance to the nation. (cont.)

  2 The scoffer owns thy hand, and pays
Unwilling honours to thy name;
While we with pleasure shout thy praise,
With cheerful notes thy love proclaim.
  3 When we review'd our dismal fears,
'Twas hard to think they'd vanish so;
With God we left our flowing tears,
He makes our joys like rivers flow.

PSALM 126. Second Part. C.M.
The joy of conversion.

  1 WHEN God reveal'd his gracious name,
   And chang'd my mournful state,
My rapture seem'd a pleasing dream,
   The grace appear'd so great.
  2 The world beheld the glorious change,
   And did thy hand confess;
My tongue broke out in unknown strains,
   And sung surprising grace.
  3 "Great is the work," my neighbours cried,
   And own'd thy pow'r divine;
"Great is the work," my heart replied,
   "And be the glory thine."
  4 The Lord can clear the darkest skies,
   Can give us day for night;
Make drops of sacred sorrow rise
   To rivers of delight.
  5 Let those that sow in sadness wait
   Till the fair harvest come:
They shall confess their sheaves are great,
   And shout the blessings home.
  6 Tho' seed lie buried long in dust,
   It shan't deceive their hope:
The precious grain can ne'er be lost,
   For grace insures the crop.

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