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Blake and Cally try to convince the ex President of Lindor to go back to his planet to save it from federation domination. But Sarkoff is still depressed with having lost the election, and doesn't want to return to the frey. So Blake forces the issue. While he's coercing Sarkoff, Liberator is taken over by Jenna's old smuggling friends out to collect the bounty on Blake. Jenna appears to join them, but turns out to be looking for an opportunity to free her new friends.

Jenna:Listen, Blake, we've got a problem. There's an unidentified ship moving in on our position.
Blake:[on bracelet from planet] Federation?
Jenna:Zen says not. But Gan can't make a voice contact. Seems to be closing in all the time.
Blake:Well, what do you want to do? [gives choice]
Blake:Well, be careful.
Avon:We can handle things. If it turns out to be hostile we can do a part orbit and lose it.
Jenna:We can't just wait for it to close in.
Blake:Well, if you've got to move off station, you've got to. But be as quick as you can and don't take any stupid risks. We're taking enough of those down here.
.[so he yells at Jenna, too, though he's softening it with her]
Jenna:Don't worry.
Blake:What if you're not back in time to get us out?
Jenna:We'll be here.
Blake:Good luck.
Jenna:You, too.
Vila:I don't like the look of that.
Gan:Not again, Vila.
Vila:I'm entitled to my opinion.
Avon:It is your assumption that we are entitled to it as well that's irritating.
Jenna:What do you think?
Avon:As a matter of fact, I don't like the look of it either.
Vila:[to himself] He agrees with me.
Avon:Flight path is too erratic.
Vila:[to himself] Makes it all seem worthwhile somehow.
Avon:It looks deliberate to me.
Jenna:It could be an injured pilot.
Avon:It could be a trap.
Gan:Not a very good one then. We're suspicious of it already.
Avon:The test is not whether you are suspicious, but whether you are caught.
Jenna:Then we'll make sure we're not. Vila, clear the neutron blasters for firing. Zen, put up the radiation flare shields.
Jenna:[to Gan] Keep trying to establish a voice contact. I'll fly her on manual. [touching Avon's arm] You'll read the detectors and scanners.
Avon:The first sign of trouble we get out. Right?
Jenna:Goes without saying.
Avon:I only wish it did.

.[Star Queen puts out general distress call]
Gan:Zen are we in teleport range?
Zen:Liberator will be within teleport range of the civilian cruiser Star Queen in 7 mins.
Gan:They need help.
Avon:Do they?
Gan:Well, you heard him.
Avon:It's not quite the same thing.
Jenna:Avon's right. We need more information.
Gan:Let me go across and get it. If it is a trap I'll warn you, and Vila can open fire.
Vila:With you onboard?
Gan:If necessary.
Vila:You feeling alright?
Avon:You would give the instruction for your own death? You expect us to believe that?
Gan:Yes, I expect you to believe that.

Vila:[to himself] Come on Gan, What's taking so long?
Avon:[on communicator] His time's nearly up. Stand by to fire on that ship, Vila.
Vila:I still don't think this is such a good idea.
Avon:I didn't ask for your opinion. Are you standing by to fire?
Vila:We don't want to do anything hasty.
Vila:Yes, I'm standing by.

Gan:[on commuicator] This is Gan. It's alright. You can bring me back across now. There's no danger to us, but they need our help alright. I've got all the details. Bring me back.
.[Vila leaves flight deck to go to teleport area]
Zen:Information. Analysis of voice print confirms that was not Olag Gan speaking.
.[Vila runs back to station]
Vila:Avon! Avon!

Jenna:Alright. Bring him up.
Vila:[on communicator] Avon! Avon! Avon, listen to me.

Vila:Avon, it's not Gan. Avon? Jenna? Now don't let's be silly. Answer me, one of you. I shall come out in a rash. Zen, has something happened to them?
Zen:Data is not available.
Vila:I don't want data. I want to know what's happening.
Zen:It will be necessary for you to make a personal investigation.
Vila:You're a big help. Personal investigation. [straps on gun holster] Personal investigation. The next time Avon wants to make a personal investigation of how you work, I will make a personal point of handing him the instruments. Personally.
.[gun in hand, hunched over, scared, Vila goes out to investigate]
.[Blake has tried to convince ex-President Sarkoff to return to his planet to pull the population together against the federation. Sarkoff is wallowing in self-pity in his "replica" of a 20th century Earth house, which actually looks like a small castle tower, and refuses to go.]
Blake:Right, come on. You must come with us.
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.[Blake removes the record and breaks it]
Blake:Alright. Piece by piece.
.[Blake picks up the glass butterfly case and pretends to drop it. Incredibly cruel.]
Sarkoff:[screams] No! Please. Alright, alright, alright I'll come.
Blake:[holds out bracelet, low and nasty] Put that back on.

.[The whole crew has been caught by a band of bounty hunters, and imprisioned with explosive bands around their necks. Vila, scared witless, is trying to unlock Blake's.]
Vila:I can't do it, Blake.
Blake:Keep trying.
Vila:Look, there are two ways to get this thing off - one is that control box they all carry..
Avon:Microwave transmitter. Just point it in the direction of the neckband and press the button.
Vila:The other way is to force the lock.
Blake:You're not going to force it, are you?
Vila:And if I get it wrong, bang, no head.
Blake:I trust you.
Vila:And if it blows up while I'm right behind you.
Blake:That's why I trust you.
.[Avon pulls a tool out of the heel of his boot and starts to work on the door mechanism.]

.[Gan throws something down in frustration, scaring the others.]
Gan:[mouths the word] Sorry.
Vila:I told you I couldn't do it.
Avon:I believed you all the time.
Vila:Nobody could open it.
Avon:I thought you could open anything. That's always been one of your more modest claims.
Vila:I could open that door in 2 mins.
Avon:This door is not quite the problem at the moment.
Vila:It seems to be a problem to you.
Blake:[yelling] Keep your head, Vila. [quiet again] That way I might have a chance of keeping mine.
Vila:Yes. Avon?
Vila:Shut up. Please.
.[Avon smiles and returns to working on the door]

.[Jenna seems to have gone over to the bountyhunters, having had a romantic involvement once with the leader. But when she gets into the room in which the crew is confined, she sees the handcuffs that have been removed and ignores them, then leaves.]
Cally:[listening at door] They're gone.
Vila:I wouldn't have thought it of Jenna.
Blake:I'm still not sure I believe it.
Avon:What does she have to do to convince you, Blake? Personally blow your head off.
Vila:[still working on Blake's neckband] If this goes wrong, she won't get the chance.

Gan:I wonder how long before they make contact with the federation?
Gan:If I could just get close to some of them.
Cally:The one called Tarvin, for example.
Gan:Right. What's that expression of yours?
Cally:Companions for our death.
Vila:That's a bit morbid isn't it? [excited] I've done it. I've done it.
Blake:Gently, gently.
Vila:That is genius.
Blake:You could well be right.
Vila:You want more proof? [goes to where Avon has been working on door lock] Excuse me.
Avon:It's done.
Vila:Oh, yes. [sarcastically, tries door which opens] Oh. Yes.
.[Blake shoots guard thru opened door]
Blake:[to Gan] No, you stay back. Keep out of sight. Get him in there.
Avon:Take this off.
Vila:Well, that's all very well, but who's going to take mine off?
Avon:Get on with it.
Vila:Who's going to take mine off.
Cally:And Vila, do be quick. I'll be next.

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