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Now that he's free, Blake wants to free the other prisoners, and tries out the transporter system of their new ship. But once on the planet, Blake finds that the prisoners are terrified of a disease they are said to have gotten that is only kept at bay by a drug available on the planet. Only Gan, a murderer, and Vila, a thief, trust Blake enough to go with him. When the religious leader who controls the drug captures Blake and teleports up to the ship, they learn from him that the terminal disease is a ploy to keep the prisoners quiescent. Jenna teleports him into space for a really satisfying explosion.

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Avon:Blake, what do you make of this?
Blake:Some sort of storage space?
Avon:Possibly. [guns appear] Careful.
Avon:A bit elaborate for a toothpick.
Blake:Depends how elaborate their teeth were. No. That one's hot.
Avon:No it isn't. That one is though. Jenna?
Jenna:What is it?
Blake:It seems to be an armory.
Avon:Take that one there.
Blake:Be careful, though. It may be hot.
Avon:No, I don't think so.
Jenna:No, it isn't.
Avon:Single function isomorphic response.
Blake:I think he means that it will only let us have one gun each.
Avon:Well, it certainly gives one a feeling of independence.
Blake:What does?
Avon:This. [pointing gun at Blake]
Blake:You're a free man.
Avon:That's right. So I am.
Blake:[walking away] How does she handle, Jenna?
Jenna:A bit scary. It's as though she were alive.
Avon:Well I might say all this technology has an organic feel about it. It's not just advanced.
Blake:It's truly alien?

Blake:Avon? What do you think?
Avon:Before I decided to put my talents to more profitable use, I handled the computer analysis for a research project into matter transmission. It was based on a new alloy.
Avon:That's right.
Blake:Yes, I worked on that project, too.
Avon:Small world.
Blake:Large project.
Jenna:I didn't work on it.
Blake:We've got to get down there and rescue the others.
Avon:You're not going to try to land this thing.
Blake:What's the alternative?
Avon:Leave. I'm free and I intend to stay that way.
Blake:I need a crew. Zen, how does the teleport system work?
Avon:Would it be injurious to our species? Do you have any data?
Zen:Wisdom must be gathered. It cannot be given.
Avon:Don't philosophize with me, you electronic moron. Answer the question. Zen? Zen?
Jenna:I don't think he likes you somehow.
Avon:I may have to reprogram this machine.
Jenna:Still won't make you likeable.
Blake:You're right, we can't land the ship. I'm going to have to risk the teleport system. Come on.
Blake:You got it worked out yet?
Avon:Educated guesses. I can't be certain.
Blake:Now is the time to see how educated your guesses are.
Avon:I think this is a stupid risk.
Blake:It's a risk I'm taking, so let's get on with it. [moves into teleport area] Give me four minutes. After that start making educated guesses how to get me back again.
Jenna:Good luck.
Blake:Alright, Avon. Let's get started.
Blake:Jenna, it appears to have worked. Start counting.
Jenna:Four minutes.

.[Initial explorations show that the natives aren't friendly, and Blake is about to be shot waiting to be teleported back up.]
Jenna:I wish we could be sure that's the right one to bring him back.
Avon:We can't be sure, can we?
Jenna:Thirty seconds. Times up. Keep it pressed down.
Avon:I am keeping it pressed down.
Jenna:Well, it can't be the right one.
Avon:Then which one?
Jenna:I don't know. Try that one.
Jenna:Oh, we got you back! [hugs Blake] I was so worried.
Blake:Had a few sweaty moments myself.
Jenna:What was it like?
Blake:Nothing at all really. A bit like your property when Vila's around. Suddenly you're somewhere else.
Avon:This would be worth a fortune to the federation.
Jenna:It actually got you down there to the surface of Cygnus?
Blake:[wiping sleeve] What do you think this is? Moon dust?
Avon:Did you see anything while you were down there?
Blake:Not much. [not telling about his danger] And now we know how the system works, I'll get down and find our people. Bring back anybody who wants to come. From what little I did see, they'll not want too much persuading.

Avon:I think we've got it worked out now. Transmit and receive are quite straightforward. All the other controls are directional. A little more practice we should be able to put you down with precision.
Jenna:Got everything?
Blake:I'm all set.
Avon:How long this time?
Blake:Four hours should be enough. Testing. Any change and I'll contact you on this.
Jenna:And if something happens to you. If we don't hear or we can't get you back?
Blake:You'll have to decide for yourselves. But I wouldn't want you to leave too soon.
Avon:Oh, come on, Blake. Do you really think we'd leave you down there?
Jenna:No, we wouldn't.
Blake:No, I don't think you [looking at Jenna] would. Right. Should we get started?
Jenna:Alright. Ready? Go.
Jenna:Is there a maximum range on this?
Avon:Of course. I don't know what it is though.
Jenna:What would happen if you teleported someone beyond the maximum range?
Avon:I imagine that they would appear momentarily in space, and then that their atoms would be scattered to the solar winds. Why don't you go and do a little exploring. I'll keep an eye on things here.
Jenna:You wouldn't be trying to get rid of me, would you?
Avon:I have to get rid of Blake first. You're next on my list.
Jenna:That would have been very disarming if I didn't know that you'd meant it. Avon?
Jenna:Could you kill someone? Face to face I mean.
Avon:I don't know. You?
Jenna:There's one sure way of finding out.

Jenna:Avon? What do you think? [showing off new clothes]
Avon:I'm glad to see you haven't been wasting your time on frivolities.
Jenna:What have you done?
Avon:Just looking.
Jenna:If we can't get Blake back...
Avon:Where did you get the clothes.
Jenna:I found a room full of them down there. Why don't you go and have a look?
Avon:Perhaps I will. Out of curiosity. You can take over here, can't you? There's the recall button.
Jenna:There's another room you should see while you're down there. At the far end. You might find it interesting.
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Jenna:You found it then.
Avon:[holding jewels] Do you know how much is there? Millions. Millions. And this is just a sample. There must be almost as much wealth in that single room as there is in the entire federation banking system. Look at it.
Jenna:You could buy a lot of freedom with this.
Avon:You could buy anything with this. Anything at all. Think of it, Jenna. There isn't anything you couldn't have.
Jenna:What about Blake?
Avon:What about him?
Avon:We could own our own planet.
Jenna:We're not leaving him there.
Avon:We have to. He's a crusader. He'll look at all this as just one more weapon to use against the federation. He can't win. You know he can't win. What do you want to be? Rich or dead? We might never have this opportunity again.
Jenna:An hour. We'll wait an hour. If he's not back by then we'll leave.
Avon:Why? Why wait?
Jenna:Because that way I can convince myself that we gave him a fair chance. If he's not back by then...
Avon:Aw, comeon. There's no point in waiting any longer.
Jenna:There's still six minutes.
Avon:We've made our decision. Let's just get out of here.
Jenna:Six minutes. We'll wait.

Blake:[fighting for his life] Get us up quick, Avon. Make it fast.
Avon:[doesn't move; Jenna reaches for switch; Avon stops her] We lose it all.

Blake:I don't understand. There's no response from the ship.
Vila:Maybe these bracelets don't work anymore.
Blake:We can't hold out much longer.
Vila:They'll bring reinforcements.
Blake:Look, there's only one way for it. You and Gan run. Out there. Hide among the rocks. Anywhere. At least you've got a chance. I'll go back in there to get the gun.
Vila:They'll kill you.
Blake:Gan, when I give the word let go of the door.
Vila:We'll all be killed.
Blake:Gan, do what I tell you. Now!
Gan:Come on.

.[Blake fights the religious zealot running the prison planet, who gets his hands on one of the teleport bracelets.]
Jenna:We've got no choice.
.[hits switch; religious zealot teleports in on other side; Blake, Gan and Vila teleport up in front]
Vargas:You'll take this ship down to the surface. [moves into teleport area]
Jenna:We're already moving away.
Vargas:Then get back.
Blake:If you kill us there is no way you can run this ship. You're getting further and further away from your precious drug.
Vargas:There is no drug. A simple compound that eases the mild poison that clears itself. But for centuries the followers have believed in the disease. Believed in the cure. Just as you have believed.
Blake:So you and those before you built your power on fear and ruled them with it.
Vargas:    I ruled. I ruled a small prison planet with no more than five hundred people. With this. With this I could rule a thousand planets. For this prize do you think I would hesitate to kill you? Now take this ship back to Cygnus Alpha. I was their priest. I shall return to them a god.
.[Actually, he'll return as space dust after Jenna teleports him into space.]

Zen:A fleet of ships is approaching and has changed course toward this system.
Blake:Put it on the screen.
Jenna:There they are.
Zen:Available data classifies them as federation pursuit ships.
Blake:Set a course to take us away from them. Maximum speed.
Zen:Course and speed confirmed.
Avon:With our speed we'll probably outrun them. This time. But they'll keep coming. Pushing us, tracking us. They'll never give up.
Blake:Nor will we. When we can handle this ship properly we'll stop running. Then we'll fight.

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