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They've got a ship and Blake is getting antsy to move against the federation, so they're going to invade a communications facility to steal a decoder, but in the melee, Cally gets captured. She's used as bait by Travis, a Space Commander who has pledged to Supreme Commander Servalan that he will capture Blake. She wants a nuisance out of the way. He wants the person who cost him an eye and a hand. Luckily for Cally, the Liberator transports her out, and Blake in, as an unwelcome surprise for Travis.

.[Blake et al are going down to steal a federation cipher so they can overhear communications.]
Avon:What you want to do with these [giving bombs to Gan] is find a surface and they'll stick fast.
Cally:They're taking too long.
Avon:That's the trouble with heroics. They seldom run to schedule.
Jenna:    They'll find it. It's not going to be be a sign up there saying, "This way to the cipher room."
Gan:They may need help.
Cally:I think so.
Avon:They would have called in.
Jenna:    Avon's right.
Avon:I usually am.
Jenna:    Blake says wait, so we wait.
.[Cally is lost in the raid]
Jenna:There's nothing you could have done. It wasn't your fault.
Blake:Then whose fault was it? I should have checked.
Jenna:Cally wasn't a child.
Blake:Wasn't she?
Jenna:She knew the risks. She accepted them. She even welcomed them.
Blake:She was ashamed to go back to her own people because she had survived when the rest of the freedom fighters were massacred.
Jenna:Well, that wasn't her fault.
Blake:Shame like hers was an emotion, Jenna. It wasn't rational.
Jenna:Exactly, and so is guilt like yours. That's not rational either.
Blake:It's ironic, isn't it? She was the only one of us not a convicted criminal.
Jenna:She convicted herself. You can't live like that. You've got to make peace with yourself, Blake, if you want to survive.
Blake:Have the navigation computers put in a listing for the planet K-14.
Zen:Course laid in.
Jenna:That's a federation repair and supply base, isn't it?
Avon:Yes, for their deep space cruisers.
Jenna:Are we going to attack it?
Blake:One for Cally. Because I want to survive.
.[after Avon gets the communication intercept working]
Blake:We should know more about the federation than the president. [listening] I presume there's a recall record.
Avon:It's all going onto microtape.
Blake:You've done a good job, Avon. Thank you.
Avon:At least I'll know what the federation is planning.
Avon:... give maximum cooperation to the incoming officer.
Jenna:Do they give his name?
Avon:Space Commander Travis.
Jenna:Do you know him?
Blake:I thought he was dead. I was sure I'd killed him.
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.[describing being caught by Travis]
Blake:We made no attempt to resist arrest. There was no point. We had no chance. I said to Travis, "We will offer no resistance." And he just stared at me. And then he ordered his men to open fire. Everybody was diving for cover that wasn't there. I ran. I found myself grappling with a guard. I managed to get his gun away from him, and then I was hit in the leg. But as I went down, I saw Travis. And I fired. I saw him fall. I was sure I'd killed him.
Jenna:What happened then?
Blake:Oh, they did a memory erase on me, set up a show trial, had me confess, made me explain that I'd been misled, my political ideas were mistaken. Enough people believed me. The whole resistance movement collapsed. After that the federation kept me around as a reformed character, a sort of ideal model citizen exhibit. Of course, I didn't know that at the time. No, it's only since almost exactly the same thing has happened again, that the memory erase has begun to fade, and I can remember.
Avon:Do you remember enough to recognize Travis again?
Blake:The man who killed twenty of my friends? Oh yes, I'll recognize him.
Jenna:Space headquarters priority. Injured female prisoner taken after attack on communications base planet Centera, to be held for treatment and interrogation.
Blake:She's alive.
Vila:I knew she wasn't dead.
Avon:No you didn't.
Vila:No I didn't. I'm going to tell Gan.
Avon:Treatment and interrogation, that doesn't sound too promising.
Blake:She's alive. That's all that matters. Zen, immediate course change. Direct route to Centera, speed standard by 6.
Blake:I want a repeat readout of everything in the databanks concerning Centera. The whole lot again.
Blake:I want it now.
Avon:Blake, what are you planning? What exactly have you got in mind?
Blake:I'm not sure yet.
Jenna:We could make a really fast strike. They wouldn't be expecting anything.
Avon:Oh, I admire your confidence.
Jenna:Well, surprise is the only thing we've got on our side.
Blake:Yes well, however we do it, one way or another, we are going to get Cally out of there.
Vila:Welcome back. We thought you'd decided to stay.
Blake:A bit close that time, Jenna.
Vila:Anyway, we're glad you're safe, aren't we? Aren't we? [looks at Avon]
Avon:Yes, I'm glad you're alright. [simply, no sarcasm]
Cally:Blake, thank you.
Blake:Too many of my friends are already dead, Cally. I can't afford to lose another one.

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