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No wonder Gan is such a nice guy. He doesn't have a choice. Embedded in Gan's brain is a limiter which prevents violence. We find this out when the limiter malfunctions and the huge Gan goes crazy on the crew. When they finally get him under control, they bring in a Federation medical team that they force to operate on Gan. But the team has alerted the Federation and pursuit ships arrive just as the operation is over. The team teleports back to the station, which is accidentally destroyed by a phaser bolt.

.[A limiter had been implanted in Gan's brain to keep him from killing. It's now malfunctioned, causing him to become violent.]
Blake:    Well?
Avon:All systems clear and functioning.
Blake:Well, that's one good thing anyway.
Avon:What about Gan?
Blake:He's still out. We've run the diagnostic checks. It might show up something.
Avon:Yes. And that something will tell you what you already know. Why don't you face it?
Blake:Because I don't know what to do about it. And if it is the limiter, I don't know how we can help him. Unless neurosurgery is one of your particular talents.
Avon:Unfortunately, no.
Blake:Suppose Zen gave us the necessary information and detailed instructions.
Avon:Oh, come on, Blake. This is not something you do by numbers, not even highly sophisticated ones. This is an area that has remained the exclusive province of specialists.
Blake:Yes, I know that.
Avon:There are quicker ways you could kill him, but there are none more certain.
Vila:[on communicator] Blake, Avon, do you want to come down. Jenna's running the test now.
Avon:We're on our way. Well, are you coming?
Blake:I'll be with you in a minute. Zen, reverse thrust and stop.

Blake:We need a neurosurgeon.
Vila:Which we haven't got.
Jenna:Blake, we can't just let him die. If he needs a neurosurgeon, that's what we've got to get.
Blake:Yes, and quickly.

Avon:That's a federation stronghold.
Blake:We know they can do the surgery.
Avon:There's a price on our heads. We are all under sentence of death.
Jenna:The difference is that Gan's sentence is being carried out now.
Blake:Any others with the necessary technology?
Jenna:Only Epinal, but the problem there is that they're considered potentially hostile.
Blake:To the federation?
Jenna:To the species. They don't like humanoids in general and, in particular, homo sapiens.
Avon:That puts their intelligence beyond doubt.
Blake:How long would it take?
Jenna:200 hrs.
Blake:200 hrs? That's our best alternative.
Avon:And there is another one - even closer
Blake:Not on the listings we've been given.
Avon:Zen, why is XK-72 not listed?

Blake:What is XK-72?
Avon:It's a laboratory. A permanent research facility financed by a consortium of neutral planets. Two specialist fields - weaponry and space medicine. An interesting combination, don't you think?
Jenna:How do you know?
Avon:I looked it up in the data banks. It was information I thought might be useful.
Vila:A bolt hole. Somewhere to run if things get too hot.
Avon:The thought had crossed my mind.
Jenna:Why hadn't you told us about this station before?
Blake:Presumably if he goes there with us, he'll be identified.
Vila:You can say goodbye to that bolt hole.

Blake:If the direct route to XK-72 is 50 hrs shorter than our nearest alternative, then that can be the difference between life and death for Gan.
Vila:And for us.
Jenna:Realistically it's his only chance.
Avon:I agree with Jenna.
Vila:You do?
Vila:I have never taken things on trust. I see no reason to make an exception in the case of a mysterious warning.
Jenna:Neither do I.
Blake:Right. Let's get to it.
Vila:Don't I get asked?
Blake:Zen, set navigation computers for direct route to space laboratory XK-72. Speed standard by 6.
Avon:You cannot reject a direct command.
Blake:Justify that rejection, please.
Vila:Your command reduces to an order to self-destruct. This runs counter to prime directive.
Vila:Zen obviously believes there's something nasty in that zone.
Avon:It has no data. It is acting on an instruction - an order not to enter the zone.
Blake:Then we'll go on manual. Jenna?
Jenna:Ready. Compute course, and let's get started.
Vila:Now wait a minute. If it's too difficult for Zen to handle, what chance have we got?
Jenna:Gan is dying.
Vila:Alright. Well, let's get on with it.
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Avon:Blake, there's something we haven't thought of.
Avon:Systems instability. We've never operated without auxiliary computers before.
Blake:You mean they've been compensating for things of that power surge?
Avon:They've made every minor adjustments that the systems require, and the chances are that they are now going to require a lot.
Blake:Because computer control is part of the
Avon:basic design concept.
Avon:We're going to have to turn back. Jenna, stand by to reverse the course.
Jenna:Look, we've set out to save Gan, and that's what we're going to do.
Avon:But you don't understand.
Jenna:Neither do you. We're committed. I intend to go on flying this ship even if all of the systems go into a flat spin.
Avon:[shakes Jenna] That's exactly what will happen.
Blake:Alright, Avon. That's enough. The signal to abort the auxiliary computers came from Zen. Can you override it, bypass Zen and get them working again?
Blake:Well, try.
Avon:Alright, but I'm telling you, you should turn back.
Jenna:Not a chance.

Blake:[on communicator] Have you done it, Avon?
Blake:How soon?
Avon:I can talk or I can work, but I can't do both.
Blake:We're running out of time, Avon.

Avon:Blake, I can't do it. You must turn back before it's too late.
Blake:It's already too late. We're in an unstable magnetic field. We can't turn back. Avon, we need those computers.
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Blake:Well, let's take the quick way. Take over Jenna.
Jenna:Right everybody, we're going to the center of the vortex.
Avon:Blake, in the unlikely event that we survive this..
Avon:I'm finished. Staying with you requires a degree of stupidity of which I no longer feel capable.
Blake:Now you're just being modest.

Avon:[on communicator] We're coming in range of XK-72. We just had a message from the station administrator. Very polite but it boils down to "Who are we and what do we want?"
Blake:Tell him we're an experimental ship out of Earth on a proving flight, and tell him what we need.
Avon:You think he'll believe that?
Blake:Convince him. Use your charm.
Cally:Why are you angry with Avon?
Blake:I'm not.
Cally:You sound like you are.
Blake:He has a decision to make. If he wants to stay with us, it's got to be for his reasons.
Cally:You'll do nothing to persuade him?
Blake:Nothing at all.
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Avon:Why do you stay with Blake?
Vila:I like him.
Avon:That isn't a good enough reason.
Vila:It is for me. And the fact I've got nowhere else to go.
Avon:Alright, put me across.

Farren:I don't think you realize what you're suggesting.
Avon:I'm offering you my services and, among other things, the secret of matter transmission.
Farren:You're offering me classified federation material. This is an independent, neutral, scientific foundation.
Avon:Well, suppose I tell you that the material does not belong to the federation, that we are not federation personnel, and that that is not a federation ship.
Farren:Then who does it belong to?
Farren:Who are you?
Avon:Before I tell you that, I should like your guarantee that the others will be allowed to leave unmolested.
Farren:Why should I give you that?
Avon:You and your foundation stand to make a fortune. I'm merely asking for your guarantee that you will maintain your neutrality, and protect your investment.
Farren:Alright, you have my personal guarantee. Now, who are you?
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Farren:I can only apologize. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do for your friends now.
Avon:It was naive of me to expect you to keep your word.
Farren:That's a little unfair. It's just that it's out of my hands. Look, Avon, it is against all the rules, and it's a risk I really shouldn't take, but I am prepared to let you stay here.
Avon:What about the pursuit ships?
Farren:When your friends detect them they will presumably run or fight.
Avon:They will have no other choice.
Farren:In which case they may escape or, more probably, they will be destroyed. Either way the Federation need never know that you're on the station. You can work here in peace and safety. Well, what do you say?
Avon:I shall need to go back to the Liberator to collect a few things.
Farren:Good. You've made the right decision.
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Renal:I'm going to operate myself.
Kane:You'll kill him.
Renal:Well at least I'll have tried. You call yourself a doctor?
Vila:[gun in hand] No, he calls himself a genius. Alright, genius, time's up.
Kane:I wondered how long it would take you.
Vila:Well you can stop wondering and start operating.
Kane:Why didn't Blake come himself?
Vila:Blake doesn't know anything about it. I thought it was better that way. He's got a conscience. He might not be prepared to kill you.
Kane:And you are?
Avon:If he isn't, I am.
Vila:How did you get here?
Avon:If he isn't, I am.
Avon:He sold us out to the federation. Pursuit ships are only 45 minutes away.
Vila:You going to operate or not?
Vila:I have a feeling that was too easy.
Kane:Any attempt to move this ship while I'm operating will result in this man's death.
Renal:He's right. Vibration, acceleration, any movement at all, and it's all over.
Avon:[talking to the flight deck] Hold it, Blake, we can't leave yet.
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Blake:How soon can you complete?
Kane:35 minutes.
Blake:Do it in 20.
Kane:Or you'll kill me?
Blake:Oh, no, no. In 25 minutes I'm returning you to your station. If you haven't completed your work..
Kane:Your threats don't bother me in the least, you know.
Blake:I shall destroy your hands. 20 minutes.
Kane:Animals, stupid destructive animals.
Renal:20 minutes is more than enough time to complete.
Kane:Are you defending their behavior?
Renal:I can't defend ours.

Avon:Say goodbye to one bolt hole.
Blake:It's not funny, Avon.
Avon:It wasn't meant to be.
Zen:Pursuit ships are turning.
Blake:You know what to do.
Avon:Zen, increase speed to standard by 8.
Blake:[to Gan] How do you feel?
Gan:I feel like somebody's been poking around inside my head with a foot.
Vila:We had to kick your brain a couple of times to get it started.
Gan:Only twice? They didn't remove the limiter.
Cally:It wasn't possible.
Vila:They've modified it, though. Your ears glow in the dark now.
Blake:Hey, let me know when you're ready for work.
Blake:Oh, by the way, welcome back.

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