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Liberator has been badly damaged in the battle with the alien fleet, and it's necessary for the crew to abandon ship so that Liberator is able to use all its energies for repair. Each individual rescue pod goes its own way. Avon lands on Sarran, and finds himself in trouble with the natives until saved by a lovely young woman, Dayna Mellanby. Dayna came as a baby with her father, a scientist who left the Federation. Servalan travels to the battlefield to encourage her troops, but her ship is damaged and also crashes onto Sarran. She recognizes Hal Mellanby by reputation and kills him. Her intention is to steal Liberator from Avon when it comes to pick him up, but he is able to escape with Dayna and Orac.

Vila:Avon, the life capsules are operational. Let's get out while we still can. Avon. Avon.
Zen:Damage control estimates breakdown is now beyond the capacity of autorepair systems in all areas. Serious malfunction in life support will indicate that evacuation by life capsule a priority 1 requirement.
Vila:We've got to get out of here. Where have you been? Where have you been?
Cally:Blake didn't want to leave.
Vila:Well, I do.
Avon:I'm surprised you're still here.
Vila:Where's Jenna? We aren't going to wait for her, are we?
Cally:Jenna's gone with Blake.
Avon:So let's get on with it.x
.[an explosion brings the ceiling down on them. Avon is unconscious.]
Cally:He's out cold. We must get him into a capsule fast, and then you can put Orac in with him. Come on, quick.
Vila:I've only got one pair of hands, you know.
Zen:Confirmation is now accepted. Computers recommend immediate evacuation by life capsule.
Cally:[watching Vila put Orac in with the unconscious Avon] He should be alright.
Vila:But Cally, he won't be able to operate the launch button.
Zen:We can do it on remote. Come on.
Zen:Damage control estimates failure of life control functions in 39 secs.
Vila:It won't open.
Cally:I'll check the override.
Zen:Life support will cease to operate in 20 secs.
Cally:Relays have clicked out. I'll have to reset them.
Vila:Come on, hurry up, hurry up.
Zen:14, 13, 12, 10
Vila:Get on with it.

.[Avon wakes up in the speeding capsule]
Avon:Too fast. Too fast. Going to burn up. Orac, you will have to handle it. Instruct the computer to get us down. Get us down.
.[Avon loses consciousness again]

.[Avon falls out of his life capsule and is attacked by primitives, and saved by Dayna]
Dayna:    I like the ancient weapons -- the spear, the sword, the knife. They demand more skill. When you fight with them conflict becomes more personal. More exciting.
Avon:More dangerous.
Dayna:    Of course. Without danger there's no pleasure.
Avon:That must limit your range of pleasures a bit.

.[Dayna's father, Hal Mellanby, escaped with his weaponry inventions from the federation]
Mellanby:You're not alone in losing your ship. The losses on both sides have been tremendous. I've been monitoring the state of tranmissions.
Avon:Did we win?
Mellanby:Still very confused, but there's not much doubt that the aliens were virtually wiped out.
Avon:Well, the price was high enough, but at least we got what we paid for.
Mellanby:You almost didn't. It was a closerun thing. What's left of the federation fleet, which isn't much, is scattered halfway across the galaxy. I'd say the federation is in a lot of trouble.
Avon:Yes. It's difficult to sustain a military dictatorship when you've lost most of the military. I only hope Blake survived long enough to realize that he was winning, both wars.
Mellanby:Blake? You were with Blake?
Avon:Yes. Though it hardly seems to matter now, if it ever did.
Mellanby:If it mattered? Blake and the Liberator? I've been hearing reports for the last couple of years. You were magnificent.
Avon:Not from where I was sitting.

Avon:Orac, I want a status report on the Liberator.
Orac:The ship has sustained considerable damage, but is now operating at 54 percent of normal capacity. This is increasing rapidly as the autorepair systems conclude their functions.
Avon:Can you give me a direct voice link with the Zen computer?
Avon:Come on, Orac, come on.
Orac:Communicators have locked onto your voicebeam channel. Transmission may begin.
Avon:Zen, this is Avon. Have you any information about the rest of the crew?
Zen:Direct instructions have been received from Blake.
Avon:Where is he? Is he safe?
Zen:He reports he's uninjured. A locator malfunction at the time of transmission made it impossible to calculate his exact position.
Avon:The others?
Zen:Routine message interception indicates that Jenna is now on a hospital ship. Her injuries are superficial.
Avon:What was the destination of the hospital ship?
Zen:That information was unclear.
Avon:Alright. What about Vila and Cally?
Zen:There have been no communication from either of them.
Avon:Is the teleport in operation?
Zen:Repairs will be complete in 2 hrs and 34 mins.
Avon:How soon can you bring the Liberator into teleport range?
Zen:8 hrs is the estimated time.
Avon:Try and improve on that. Enter orbit with teleport facility set for random pickup.
Avon:Keep listening out for Vila or Cally. If either of them come in, give their pickup priority over mine.

Servalan:You see there's something you probably don't know. Star One was destroyed.
Avon:Are you sure?
Servalan:Positive. An alien counterattack. It took us by surprise. They reduced the entire planet to so much space debris. Nothing survived.
Avon:And Star One was the basis of federation power. It controlled everything.
Servalan:Exactly. And now it's gone, so is most of the federation. From now on there will be chaos in the star systems - no central control, no unifying force. Over half the civilized planets left to their fate.
Avon:So Blake's rabble finally get freedom of choice. He won after all.
Servalan:Forget Blake. You have control of the Liberator now. There's no more powerful ship in the galaxy. You have Orac. Avon, don't you see what that means?
Avon:You tell me about it.
Servalan:You could rebuild it all. All those worlds could be yours, Avon. They're there for the taking. You and I could build an empire greater and more powerful than the federation ever was, or ever could have been. Now, Avon, at this moment we can take history and shape it in our own image. Think of it. Absolute power. There is nothing that you could imagine that we couldn't do.
Avon:I am thinking of it.
Servalan:We can do it, Avon.
Avon:I know we can.
Servalan:We'll be answerable to no one. Ours will be the only voice. Imagination our only limit.
.[Avon kisses Servalan, then grabs her by the throat and throws her to the floor]
Avon:Imagination my only limit? I'd be dead in a week.

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