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While Jenna and Gan investigate two frozen humanoids in a time capsule they've picked up, not a smart thing to do, Blake goes down to Saurian Major to attack a federation installation and discover Cally, a telepath and only survivor of a revolutionary group. She joins Blake, Avon and Vila in attacking the communication center, and joins the crew.

Zen:Liberator is stationary and is stabilized in an anti-orbital posture.
Vila:Whatever that means.
Blake:It means that we got it right.
Jenna:    Together we can fly this ship manually.
Gan:I think we make a good team.
Avon:Well, hurray for us.
Vila:What's eating you now?
Avon:I'm just wondering how long we're going to live to enjoy our new-found skills.
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Gan:At least we know we can outrun them.
Vila:Outrun them? In this, we can out stroll them.
Avon:Don't get too relaxed about it. They'll keep on coming.
Vila:We have the whole universe to hide in.
Blake:Except that we're not going to hide. Very soon now the federation ships will know exactly where we are. Or at least where we've been.
Vila:I don't follow you.
Avon:Oh, but you do. And that's the problem.
Blake:Up until now we've only been a minor irritation to the federation. I think it's about time we hurt them.
Jenna:I don't like the sound of that.
Avon:Neither do I. I thought it was agreed we wouldn't do anything without discussing it thoroughly.
Blake:It was also agreed that anybody could opt out at any time. Just tell me when you want to leave.
Avon:Oh, I will. But in the meantime, I think we have a right to know what it is you're planning.
Blake:Zen, set a course for Saurian Major. Speed standard by two.
Zen:Speed and course confirmed.
Avon:That falls a little short of my idea of a thorough discussion.
Gan:We can talk and travel. We're safer on the move.
Avon:Another one who is prepared to let Blake do his thinking for him

Blake:Destroy that and you blind, deafen and silence them. That's what we're going to do.
Avon:A blow for freedom.
Gan:Yes, our freedom. For a clever person you're not very bright. Deaf, dumb and blind how are they going to catch us?
Avon:I'm sure Blake will manage it somehow.
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.[A chance encounter with a floating derelict craft results in Blake and Jenna teleporting into the small ship to check it out.]
Blake:Let's see just how precise you can be. [about to be teleported into a small space]
Avon:Are you sure you can trust me?
Blake:As long as we're useful to each other. [to Jenna] We'll keep the voice channels open. [to Avon] All set?
Avon:As I'll ever be. [no sarcasm]

.[When the teleport controls burn out, Avon is forced to guide Liberator to scoop up the small ship.]
Blake:Our air is running out.
Avon:Yes, I was afraid of that. [quietly] How long?
Blake:Minutes. Get Zen to maneuver the ship round and bring the entire projectile on board.
Avon:I'd already thought of that. Zen refuses to do it.
Blake:Then you'll have to. [hard]
Avon:That's very chancey, Blake. If Liberator so much as nudges that ship...
Blake:Then you'd better get it right.

Blake:Thank you.
Avon:[nods] Glad to be of help. [said simply]
Jenna:You don't sound too sure about that. Thanks anyway. Nice flying.
Avon:[walks past her in disgust]

.[Blake is making a raid on a federation establishment.]
Zen:Liberator is now in stationery orbit 1000 spatials from the surface of Saurian Major.
Blake:Then it's time we went. Vila, I shall want you down there with me.
Vila:Right. [reluctantly]
Blake:Bring your bag of tricks. Avon.
Avon:Isn't he enough?
Blake:Their detectors are concentrated on neutral space. We came in from federation territory. They won't have spotted us yet. But they will sooner or later. And I can do what has to be done faster with your help.
Avon:No doubt.
Blake:Jenna will teleport us down.

Jenna:No sign of pursuit ships yet.
Gan:They'll find us, sooner or later.
Jenna:And then we'll fight.
Jenna:I keep wondering whether it would be better to opt out of all this, find a safe planet. Hide.
Gan:They'll soon find you.
Jenna:I suppose.
Gan:But if you wanted to leave, you know Blake wouldn't try to stop you.
Jenna:No. I know. What about you, are you going to stick with him?
Gan:I have to. I want to stay alive, and to do that I need people I can rely on. I can't be on my own.
Jenna:What do you mean? Gan?
Gan:I killed a security guard. They said it was murder but he had a gun. I was unarmed. You see, he killed my woman.
Jenna:That must be terrible.
Gan:I'm sorry. My headaches. I'll be alright in a little while.

.[While looking for another revolutionary group, Blake is found and attacked by Cally, a telepathic survivor of the rebel group.]
Cally:I plan to raid the complex. To destroy until I am destroyed.
Blake:Well, our aim's the same but I'm not planning a suicide mission.
Vila:I hope not.
Cally:He fears death?
Vila:I plan to live forever, or die trying.
Blake:If you can get us inside that complex, we'll provide all the destruction you want, and still get out safely.
Avon:Or die trying.
Cally:I will guide you.

Cally:[You have my thanks.]
Blake:Pleasure. Do you wish to return to Auron?
Cally:I cannot return to my people. I have failed.
Blake:Then stay with us.
Cally:Thank you.
Jenna:What are we going to do about the projectile.
Blake:Dump it in deep space.
Jenna:Thanks a lot.
Gan:I don't like the sound of that. It's murder.
Avon:Would you rather it was hooked back into the power system. You heard Zen. A single cell from those genetic banks can be incubated into a fully grown adult in 1.6 minutes.
Vila:We could be up to our armpits in homicidal maniacs within the hour.
Blake:Maybe that's why Zen was so uncooperative.
Jenna:Seems to me it should have taught us something - something about the wisdom involved in bringing aliens aboard. [nasty look at Cally]
Blake:Seven of us can run this ship properly.
Vila:Six surely.
Blake:You forgot Zen.
Avon:You're not counting that machine as a member of the crew.
Blake:Oh, what do you say to that, Zen?
Zen:Please state course and speed.
Blake:Very diplomatic.

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