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Blake rescues another revolutionary leader, Avalon, from Travis, but discovers that he's actually rescued an android who is carrying a ball containing a horrible plague, which Servalan has watched work with some clinical interest. Blake is able to discover the real Avalon and saves her, leaving the plague sphere to drop as he transports out. Travis makes a perfect catch and is reamed by the ungrateful Servalan.

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Avon:We've come at the worst time, of course. The northern hemisphere is just entering its winter cycle. They call it the long cold, something of an understatement' It lasts the equivalent of 8 1/2 earth years.
Blake:    Does it support any intelligent life?
Avon:Does the Liberator? There are humanoid creatures called subterons. They live in caves. Quite what that says for their intelligence, I really wouldn't know.
Blake:Why is the federation there?
Avon:Minerals. About 30 years ago it was discovered that deposits were seeping down into the ice and forming gemstones of outstanding purity and hardness. They are called ice crystals. The federation uses them in heavy duty lasers. They are mined by the subterons as a slave labor force.
Blake:Ah, that's why Avalon is here.
Avon:Perhaps. But the ice crystals are unique and, as such, quite valuable.
Blake:No, Avalon has started resistance movements on a dozen federation planets.
Avon:Another idealist, poor but honest. I shall look forward to our meeting with eager anticipation.
Blake:Is your anticipation eager enough to come down there with me?
Avon:[looking at the picture of ice and snow] Not quite. I think I shall contain my enthusiasm here in the warmth.

.[To avoid pursuit ships, Avon took the ship out of communicator range while Blake was on the planet needing to be teleported up. Just before they would have been killed by a robot guard, Liberator has returned and teleports them up.]
Avon:Welcome back.
Blake:Vila, Jenna, get the ship moving. Gan, take care of Avalon. Put her in a cabin. If the federation find out where we are, they'll send up everything they've got after us.
Avon:What went wrong?
Blake:[angrily] I was about to ask you that.

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