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Deliverance Orac Redemption

Intrigued to discover just what Orac is, and needing radiation pills to save his crew, Blake travels to Aristo to bring Ensor his medical supplies. But they've come too late, and Ensor dies, leaving the crew with Orac. When they turn Orac on, he shows them the future - Liberator exploding.

Cally:I want to make a test. Avon, give me your hand. [to Vila] Now yours. [after scanning Vila's] The same as the others. They've all absorbed heavy doses of radiation.
Vila:Radiation? All of me?
Cally:The four of you went down to the surface of Cephlon but you stayed down too long - far beyond the tolerance limit. You need treatment and you need it quickly.
Vila:Well, what are you waiting for? Let's get to the surgical unit.
Avon:Relax. We'll all go onto a massive dose of decontaminate drugs. In a week or two we shall all recover.
Cally:Not possible.
Blake:    Why not, Cally?
Cally:There are no decontaminate drugs on the ship. I've checked. There is nothing that will counter radiation sickness.
Blake:Are you sure?
Cally:I'm sure.
Blake:Our only hope is if they have a supply on Aristo.
Vila:But if they don't?
Blake:They will have.
Vila:But if they don't?
Blake:They will have.
Avon:There's no point in hiding it. Our condition will deteriorate rapidly. If we don't get drug treatment very soon, we shall die.
Vila:Die? I can't do that.
Avon:I'm afraid you can. It's the one talent we all share. Even you.
Vila:I think I'm going to... [runs out holding his mouth]

Avon:It's ironic, isn't it? We are racing to deliver medical supplies that will save a man's life, in the hope that he will have medical supplies that will save ours.

Blake:What is it?
Avon:Look at the locator.
Blake:It's setting the coordinates.
Avon:By itself. It looks as if our computers are being overridden again, being programmed from another source.
Cally:Perhaps we should move out while we've still got a chance.
Avon:While some of us have still got a chance.
Cally:I forgot. I'm sorry, Avon.
Blake:Frankly I doubt whether we could, even if we wanted to. From what we've seen already it's obvious that thing could totally immobilize us.
Avon:Then let's get on with it.
Blake:If you feel well enough, could you try and stay by the teleport?
Avon:I have no plans to go anywhere else.
Blake:Alright. Put us down.

Avon:You were told to stay in your cabin.
Jenna:Any word?
Avon:Nothing since they called in to say they were down safely and waiting.
Jenna:How long ago was that?
Avon:A little over 2 hours.
Jenna:We should have heard by now.
Avon:[responding to a noise behind a cart, pushes it away to disclose Gan.] Not you as well. What are you doing down there?
Gan:I don't like being on my own. Especially if I'm about to die.
Jenna:That's cheerful.
Avon:Is Vila on his way as well?
Gan:No. He's doing his best to convince himself he feels fine. Says we'll just remind him that he doesn't.
Avon:Sometimes he shows distinct signs of intelligence. Why don't you return to your quarters. [to Jenna] I'll let you know the moment that I hear anything.
Jenna:I'll stay. I think it's better if there are two of us down here standing by.
Gan:Better still if there are three of us.
Avon:Better still if you... [angrily, then realizes he's lashing out and puts his head down]

Cally:This is Orac?
Blake:A hundred million for that?
Cally:Is it a computer?
Ensor:It most certainly is not. It is a brain - a genius. It has a mind that can draw information from every computer containing one of my cells. Orac has access to the sum total of all the knowledge of all the known worlds.
Blake:You mean it can draw information from any other computer without a direct link?
Ensor:Precisely that. Yes.

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