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In this episode you see the downside of having a telepath in the crew. Cally for the first, but not the last, time is taken over by some alien telepathic entity and brings the ship into a web from which they can't escape. Blake goes down to the planet to work something out with the controllers of the web, two genetically engineered people who are overseeing a genetic experiment. Unfortunately for their negotiations, the Decimas decide that this is the perfect time to revolt and rip apart the two people. So much for feeling sorry for the Decimas.

Blake:Avon, I need you on the flight deck.
Avon:I'm busy.
Blake:NOW, AVON!
Blake:If it were alright, I wouldn't need you here.
Avon:[to Cally] Our leader seems a bit piqued.
Cally:What are you doing?
Avon:A little private research..
Avon:All knowledge is valuable.
.[Blake tries to understand why the Liberator is malfunctioning.]
Avon:What exactly are you accusing me of.
Blake:I'm asking if your researches have included the PN Overrides.
Blake:I haven't been anywhere near them.
.[The problem turns out to be Cally taken over by aliens.]
.[Avon and Blake run to Avon's research area]
Cally:[holding gun on them] I would regret the necessity to kill you.
Blake:Why are you doing this, Cally?
Cally:[They must come.] Move back to the flight deck.
Avon:Look at the burns on her hands.
Blake:She must be in agony.
Cally:I will kill you if you will not obey.
.[the three go to flight deck]
Jenna:    Speed standard by seven. Speed seems to be increasing by... So it was you.
Cally:[indicates Jenna to join the others, but Jenna hesitates] Must you invite death?
.[Jenna moves; Cally goes to instrument station; Gan moves in slowly behind her.]
Jenna:Navigation computers can't cope with a change of course. We're running blind.
Cally:[to approaching Blake] Don't move.
Blake:Jenna's right, Cally. The ship's out of control. We're as good as dead now. Zen, what's our speed?
Zen:Standard by 8.65
Avon:If you're trying to steal the ship, there are other ways.
Jenna:You're not Cally, are you?
.[Gan grabs her. She struggles against the others. Jenna walks over and slaps her.]
Jenna: Whoever you are, it's over.
Cally:[Thank you, Jenna.]
Avon:[grabbing her by the throat] What was that all about?
Blake:Better keep her sedated.
Avon:And locked up. Or dumped.
Jenna:You should never have brought her on the ship.
Avon:[to Vila, who is rubbing his head] Where have you been hiding?
Vila:All I said was, "What do you think of the outfit."
Zen:Repair monitors report explosive device attached to primary power channel.
Zen:Hold 3, Access Duct 7
Blake:Well, can't the automatics neutralize it?
Blake:Why not?
Zen:There is no damage.
Avon:Computer logic. Until the bomb explodes, there's nothing for the repair system to repair. Zen, can you reprogram the automatics?
Zen:Preemptive interference in crew activity is forbidden.
Blake:Oh, he'll clear up after us, but he won't stop us making the mess.
Avon:[running after Blake] You made this mess.
Jenna:J: [yelling after him] We're all in this, Avon.
Avon:A: [yelling back] Yes, aren't we?
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.[Blake runs into room; examines bomb as Avon runs in]
Avon:Be careful of that thing. When that light goes out you've got about 3 seconds. [grabbing Blake and throwing him to ground] It's out. [explodes]
.[still lying together on ground]
Blake:Thank you. Why?
Avon:Automatic reaction. I'm as surprised as you are.
Blake:I'm not surprised.
Jenna:It wasn't what she was doing, it was the way she was. If you looked into her eyes, it wasn't her looking back.
Gan:Avon says that's because she's an alien.
Vila:Everyone's an alien to him.
Blake:He's certainly more at home with machines.
Avon:A malfunction [of the computer] of that size will register on the auto repair. It'll cut in in about 5 seconds. It'll be cutting in about NOW.
Gan:That is fantastic.
Avon:Yes, isn't it? As a matter of fact, it is. We could make a fortune with it if it wasn't for Blake.
Gan:In what way?
Avon:There's always a market for technology like this.
Gan:I don't think Blake will agree to that.
Blake:There will come a time when he won't be making the decisions.
.[Liberator is now caught in a web, and Blake is going down to find out why they've been brought here.]
Cally:I must come with you.
Cally:But you can trust me.
Blake:I know we can. But whatever's down there can control you. It's already demonstrated that.
Cally:I was unprepared.
Avon:So were we.
Blake:It's better that you stay here. [to Avon] Now if I call for backup, get down there fast.
Gan:We'll be ready.
Blake:Gan, keep an eye on Cally. [Gan gives the thumbs up]
Avon:What if something should happen to you and we can't get you back?
Avon:Well, then all you have to do is get everybody else out of this mess. [Avon gives him a real smile]
Blake:Alright, put me down.
.[The alien that has brought them wants to trade Liberator's freedom for energy cells that will let them destroy the Decimas, a genetically engineered race.]
Blake:So all I have spoken to them about - all they told me, that was you speaking, not them.
Blake:And did you mean what you said? You're going to destroy the Decimas?
Saymon:It would have been wiser to have done so before they became so numerous. But to discharge a lethal level of radiation required more power than we had available.
Blake:But the cells I am providing will give you that power.
Saymon:Of course.
Blake:[thinking hard] No, I can't let that happen.
Saymon:But without power you cannot escape the web.
Blake:Then we must come to a new understanding. You won't get those cells until we do. [to his bracelet] Avon, stay onboard till you hear from me.
Vila:It's Vila.
Blake:Well, don't teleport Avon until I say so.
Vila:I just did. I put him down about 10 seconds ago.
Blake:He'll be in the compound now.
Saymon:If the Decimas reach him he'll be in danger. Those power cells must be protected.
Blake:[running out] I don't give a damn about your power cells! There's a friend of mine out there.
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Avon:I've been looking for you. What's going on?
Blake:Let's get under cover first. [they crouch down]
Blake:Got the cells?
Avon:What do you think these are? Field rations?
Blake:Listen, there's a problem. If we let them have those, they'll use them to wipe an entire race of creatures - people - here.
Avon: If it concerns you, don't give them the cells.
Blake:No, there's more. They've got a carrier beam that will project a fungus that will clear away the web for us. It doesn't work without this power.
Avon:Oh, well. If it's between the creatures and us, there's no argument. Even your irrational conscience must be able to cope with that. [looks defeated] What do you want to do?
Blake:Hold off long enough to make a deal.
Avon:We're going to have to be quick, Blake. Those pursuit ships are coming this way.
Blake:I'll hide these cells. They can have them when they agree to our terms.
Avon:What are our terms?
Blake:They're going to use lethal radiation to kill everything out here. If they allow us to destroy the radiation equipment, at least the Decimas will have some form of chance.
Avon:Why should they agree?
Blake:They need the power. They can't survive without it.
Avon:Neither can we.
Blake:I'll bear that in mind.
Avon:Don't worry. I'll remind you.
Avon:One thing they proved back there [the Decimas killed the higher level genetically produced people].
Avon:Biological machines will never replace the real thing. They're too unpredictable.
Blake:At least the Decimas stand a chance now. You can't separate living creatures. Being alive involves them together.
Avon:I couldn't agree with you less.
Blake:That's a fact of life. Zen, when we've lost the pursuit ships, resume course for Centera.
Avon:I'll tell you a fact of life, Blake. Change is inevitable.
Blake:Why else we fight, Avon?
MVD: I haven't the faintest idea what this means. Do you?

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